Sometimes, he would be made to walk on the burning sands of the desert. To us belong the leader of the youths of paradise (Imam Hassan(a.s.) and Imam Hussain(a.s.)). Day in and day out, people used to go to Imam(a.s.) and present condolence and hear the events of Karbala. UrduPoint Network is the largest independent digital media house from Pakistan, catering the needs of its users since year 1997. Muslim baby names are acknowledged for not just their uniqueness but also for their beautiful meaning. Similar boys’ names and similar girls’ names to This page also accommodates origin, lucky number, and religion in Urdu. His eyes turned white from constant weeping, his head turned grey out of sorrow, and his back became bent in the gloom (Quran, 12:84), though his son was alive in this world. Zain name meaning in Urdu is ‘Khoobsurti, ‘Zevar’, and ‘Zeenat’. The highest degree of certainty is the lowest degree of satisfaction. تبصرہ بھی کیا گیا ہے-.

They went to the Kaaba, where the Black Stone was placed.

Thus they thought themselves responsible for the tragedy of Karbala and tried to compensate for it by throwing themselves into the struggle to obtain vengeance for Husayn's blood. After the death of Ibn Zubayr, the governor of Medina, Zayn al-Abedin and Muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah agreed to go to Mecca and appeal to the Black Stone of the Kaaba to try to determine which one of them was the true successor. Nowadays parents are more conscious about giving their baby a unique name. He then turned to Yezid and asked him. In addition to the SAHIFA there are several other supplications of the Imam(a.s.) which appear under different cover names.

"It is someone whose footsteps are known by every place / And it is he who is known to the bayt in Mecca,(i.e. This prayer book deals with Islamic spirituality and provides teachings on levels from the theological to the social. Many people with the name Zain Ul Abidin has earned fame all around the world. Zain-ul-'aabideen red, rust, light green are the lucky color for a person with Zain Ul Abidin name. It has a history of ancient civilizations that left a rich heritage of their customs for the current age. Zain-ul-'aabideen. [d][21][29], Ali ibn al-Husayn was respected by his followers, who considered him as the fourth imam, and by the circle of Medinan scholars who considered him as an eminent traditionalist. She, however, died within 10 days of the birth of Imam Sajjad(a.s.). The daughters of Imam Ali(a.s.) and Bibi Fatima(s.a.) were treated worse than criminals, their Hijabs were taken away from them.

After that the Imam gave along and very powerful speech letting the Syrians know the great position of Imam Husain(a.s.) to Allah(swt), and how evil Yazid and his family were.

ہے- Many of the gifts demonstrated the cultured nature of Zain-ul-Abidin; they included works about music, manuscripts and people who were scholars, the latter being sent to him when he commented that an original gift of precious stones was of less interest to him than a gift of a learned nature would have been.

is a unique name with impressive meaning. Abū Bakr ibn al-Barqi His devotion was so strong and felt by his companions and visitors that they started collection his supplications which still exist by the name of SAHIFA-E-KAMILA. It has great importance in Islam. The people gave way to Zayn al-Abedin while Hisham struggled desperately.

Once in Madina, Imam(a.s.) gathered the people and told them the horrifying stories of Karbala and informed them that his father Imam Hussain(a.s.) and his companions were martyred and his family members were made prisoners and were taken from one city to another and branded as traitors. Although he was a Muslim ruler, he banned the slaughter of cows. She is said to have died shortly after giving birth to her only son Ali. Martyrdom: He died of poison in the year 94 or 95 A.H. at Madina and is buried at Baqi near his uncle Hasan (a.s.). The effect of this was to turn Syrians against Yazid. This deeply offended the Caliph, who sarcastically asked to whom the people had shown such respect. So, make your job less difficult. [32] The Imam renounced worldly pleasures but did not give way to poverty and feebleness, rather he was "pious with what God prohibited". Reproduction without proper consent is not allowed. name and lucky number for A caller accompanied them introducing them to the passersbys as "Those who had disobeyed the Muslim ruler, Yazid". Karbala and the Imamat of the Fourth Imam [e][19][30][31], It is narrated from the Imam that when he saw a beggar weeping, he said: If the world was in his hands and suddenly it dropped from him, it would not be worth weeping for.

Zain is a four letter short name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Zain-ul-'Aabideen is: Early Imam (Leader) of Islam. For other uses, see, Great-grandson of Muhammad and fourth of the Twelve Imams (659-713), Arabic name of Ali ibn Husayn and one of his titles, "Al-Sajjad", عَلِيّ ٱبْن ٱلْحُسَيْن زَيْن ٱلْعَابِدِين, Other dates mentioned are 33/653–4, 36/656–7, 37/657–8, 50/670. The origin of the name Zain Ul Abidin is . The governor of Medina did not consider that Zayn al-Abedin was responsible for Mukhtar's action, since he had already left Medina for its outskirts to avoid being involved in political movements. Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah said he was more worthy. Children are the cause of the pleasures and adornments of the world God has given to their parents. similar accounts, Ibid, pp. Zain-ul-'aabideen Name Meaning is Adornment Of The Worshipers, One Who Is A Source Of Pride For The Muslims, Early Imam (Leader) Of Islam. Truly speaking, for him, it would have been very easy to die on the battle field as a martyr than to be taken as prisoner of war and see all the insult and humiliations thrown on him and on the womenfolk of the house of the Prophet. that is a Imam Sajjad(a.s.) was married to the Bibi Fatima(a.s.) - daughter of Imam Hasan(a.s.). Hammad ibn Zayd Zain-ul-'aabideen We understand that choosing one name out of millions of Arabic names for your happy little bundle can be overwhelming. [19][21] Zain al-Abidin and the enslaved women were taken to the caliph; eventually he was allowed to return to Medina. Muslim One day a servant said to him, "O son of Allah’s Messenger! In Muslim the meaning of the name Zain-ul-'Aabideen is: Early Imam (Leader) of Islam. by ARLO GRIFFITHS and ANNETTE SCHMIEDCHEN. He therefore ordered a "Muazzin" to give Azan, knowing that this would automatically cut the Imam's speech. Imam Sajjad(a.s.) spent the first 2 years of his life under the care of his grandfater Imam Ali(a.s.) and after his death in 50 A.H., he was brought up under the care of the 2nd Imam Hasan(a.s.).

HAZRAT ZAIN-UL-ABIDEEN ALI BIN HUSSAIN (AS) BIOGRAPHY. Zain-ul-'aabideen Lucky Number associated with this name is 6.

Asia is the biggest content, has the world’s largest population and diversity in culture. name meaning is The list of famous people with the name Zain Ul Abidin can be discovered on this page. Walter Slaje, Three Bhaṭṭas, Two Sulṭāns, and the Kashmirian Atharvaveda. Adornment Of The Worshipers, One Who Is A Source Of Pride For The Muslims, Early Imam (Leader) Of Islam originated with multiple meanings. in both English & Urdu, and other languages as well. "I am the son of Muhammad Mustafa(pbuh&hf). Hadrat Shahrbano: The Reverend Mother of Imam Zayn al-Abidin(A.S.) [17][19][23], Several accounts record Zayn al-Abidin's deep sorrow over the massacre. [b], Ali ibn al-Husayn was known as ibn al-Khiyaratayn, the "son of the best two", meaning the Quraysh among the Arabs and the Persians among the non-Arabs". Once on the Mimber, Imam Zain al-Abideen(a.s.) first praised Allah(swt) and His Messenger(pbuh&hf). Zain ul Abideen Meaning Adornment of the worshipers, One who is a credit and a source of pride for the Muslims He called back the Hindus who left Kashmir during his father's reign.

To us belong Asadullah (The lion of Allah, Imam Ali(a.s.)). Certain names bring good fortune to one's life. Z.

He was succeeded by his son Haji Khan, who took the title of Haidar Khan. name, originating from Zain Ul Abidin name is a famous Muslim baby name which is often preferred by parents. You would need to give your baby a name that speaks to both cultures and nations. Zain ul 'aabideen is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. The list is down below. The religion of the name Zain Ul Abidin is Muslim. Zain-ul-'aabideen name is Arabic originated with multiple meanings. It is said that Ali ibn al-Husayn was related through his mother Shahrbanu, the daughter of Yazdegerd III, to the last Sasanain Emperor. Zain name meanings is Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace, ornament, honour. Once a visitor named Noman came to Imam(a.s.) and asked him which was the most difficult time he had to face and the Imam(a.s.) cried for a long time and three times said "AS-SHAAM AS-SHAAM AS-SHAAM". in Urdu mentioned on this page. [18], Ali ibn al-Husayn was born in Medina in the Hejaz, now in Saudi Arabia, in the year 38/658–9.

But he underestimated the Imam's bravery and intelligence. He would go out with a sack of food on his back, knocking at the doors of more than 100 families, and gave freely to whoever answered while covering his face to avoid being recognized. Students and Companions of Imam Zayn al-Abidin(A.S.), HAZRAT ZAIN-UL-ABIDEEN ALI BIN HUSSAIN (AS), Sahifa Sajjadia - Duas from Imam Sajjad (as), Karbala and the Imamat of the Fourth Imam, The Virtues of Imam Zayn al-Abidin (A.S.), Hadrat Shahrbano: The Reverend Mother of Imam Zayn al-Abidin(A.S.), Sciences Disseminated by Imam Zayn al-Abidin(A.S.), Students and Companions of Imam Zayn al-Abidin(A.S.). [15][19][20][21] And in other stories this happened during the caliphate of Uthman and Ali.

Al-Zuhri gave him the honorific Zayn al-Abedin—the ornament of worshippers—and narrated many Hadiths from him. The ancient texts vary regarding why it was that Zain-ul-Abidin relinquished his recently acquired status without a fight but there is no disagreement that this is in fact what happened. Part of the speech is summarised below: "O listeners Allah has given us (Ahle Bart) six things which no one else has. Zain meaning in English is beauty, pretty, grace, honor, and beautiful. Choose your baby names from the most beautiful 99 names of Allah (الله). Zain ul 'aabideen is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic.

The effect of the speech was so powerful that everybody in the Mosque began to weep and to blame Yazid. Certain names bring good fortune to one's life. He stopped the killing of cows by means of poison and passed some regulations about eating beef. For the name Zain Ul Abidin, the lucky color is red, rust, light green. Yahya ibn Sa‘id According to Numerology Prediction, the lucky number associated with the name Zain Ul Abidin is "2". Mystery, the part of you that cannot be explained. Muh’sin al-Ameen al-A’mili, A’yan as-Sheea’h, Damascus, 1935, IV, 189. harvnb error: no target: CITEREFImam_Ali_ibn_al_Husain2009 (, From Shaykh as-Sadooq, al-Khisal; quoted in al-Ameen, A’yan, IV, 195. Zain-ul-'aabideen name meaning is adornment of the worshipers, one who is a source of pride for the muslims, early imam (leader) of islam that is a muslim boy name and lucky number for Zain-ul-'aabideen is N/A. A name gives you recognizable proof in the society. They give joy to the hearts, joy to the souls, and joy to the eyes. Naming a baby is the center of attention of every parent.

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