The NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau (CT) is the city's primary local resource to guard against the threat of international and domestic terrorism in New York City. Queens South began operating a satellite for the large 105th precinct in the southern part of the precinct next to the Rosedale LIRR station in July 2007. The Transportation Bureau's responsibilities include traffic enforcement, traffic management, and highway safety.

Learn more about neighborhood policing. Help share the responsibility for safety in your community. The Department is divided into twenty bureaus,[29] which are typically commanded by a uniformed bureau chief (such as the chief of patrol and the chief of housing) or a civilian deputy commissioner (such as the Deputy Commissioner of Information Technology). If your motor vehicle has been involved in an collision, you may request a copy of the report at the precinct where the collision occurred during the first 30 days from when the report was filed.

Menu New York's Finest. [57], The firearms approved by the NYPD for off-duty carry are the Glock 26, Smith & Wesson 3914 DAO, Smith & Wesson 3953TSW, Smith & Wesson Model 640 (.38 revolver), Springfield Armory XD-S, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and the Beretta 8000D Mini Cougar. The York Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency for the city of York, Nebraska. The School Safety Division is the school police force for New York City Department of Education schools.

The Patrol Services Bureau is the largest and most visible bureau in the NYPD, overseeing the majority of the department's uniformed officers on patrol. Some vehicles are simply street appearance editions of standard police vehicles such as the Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala, and Ford Taurus.

Non-Injury Collision Frequently Asked Questions. Any child under 13 years of age that is the victim of any sex crime or attempted sex crime by any person. 2020 All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York. The bureau is divided into nine police service areas, which each cover a collection of housing developments. 2020 All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York, FAQs for Critical / Fatal Injury Collisions, New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The current chief is, Deputy Commissioner, Collaborative Policing, Deputy Commissioner, Counsel to Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Information Technology, Deputy Commissioner, Intelligence & Counterterrorism, Deputy Commissioner, Management and Budget, Deputy Commissioner, Strategic Initiatives, Deputy Commissioner, Community Partnerships, Deputy Commissioner, Executive Communications, Police Commissioner of the City of New York –, Commanding Officer of First Deputy Commissioner's Office Assistant Chief Mathew V. Pontillo, Deputy Commissioner, Employee Relations – Robert L. Ganley, Commanding Officer of Ceremonial Unit - Lieutenant Jamal Hodges, Commanding Officer of Chaplains Unit - Lieutenant Steven A. Jerome, Deputy Commissioner, Community Partners – Chauncey Parker, Deputy Commissioner, Risk Management – Jeff Schlanger, Deputy Commissioner, Department Advocate – Amy Litwin, Deputy Commissioner, Equity and Inclusion – Tanya Meisenholder, Deputy Commissioner, Strategic Initiatives – Danielle Pemberton, Deputy Commissioner, Information Technology – Matthew Fraser, Deputy Commissioner, Intelligence & Counterterrorism –, Deputy Commissioner, Internal Affairs – Joseph J. Reznick, Deputy Commissioner, Labor Relations – John P. Beirne, Deputy Commissioner, Legal Matters – Ernest F. Hart, Deputy Commissioner, Management and Budget – Kristine Ryan, Deputy Commissioner, Public Information – Richard Esposito, Deputy Commissioner, Executive Communications – William W. Andrews, Deputy Commissioner, Support Services Bureau – Robert S. Martinez, Deputy Commissioner, Trials – Rosemarie Maldonado, Commanding Officer of Operations, Chief of Department's Office - Deputy Chief Edward Mullane, Commanding Officer of Domestic Violence Unit - Deputy Chief Kathleen White, Commanding Officer of Technical Assistance Response Unit (TARU) – Inspector Gregory Antonsen, Chief of Community Affairs – Bureau Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, Executive Officer of Community Affairs - Assistant Chief Kim Royster, Commanding Officer of School Safety Division – Assistant Chief Juanita Holmes, Chief of Counterterrorism – Assistant Chief Martine Materasso, Commanding Officer of Critical Response Command - Deputy Chief Scott Shanley, Chief of Crime Control Strategies - Bureau Chief Michael Lipetri, Chief of Collaborative Policing – Bureau Chief Lori Pollock, Commanding Officer of Citywide Investigations Division - Assistant Chief William Aubry, Commanding Officer of Investigative Support Division - Assistant Chief, Executive Officer, Detective Bureau - Deputy Chief Miguel A. Iglesias, Commanding Officer of Real Time Crime Center – Deputy Inspector Kevin Godek, Commanding Officer of Detective Bureau Manhattan North - Deputy Chief Brian McGee, Commanding Officer of Detective Bureau Manhattan South - Deputy Chief Michael Baldassano, Commanding Officer of Detective Bureau Brooklyn North - Deputy Chief Michael Kemper, Commanding Officer of Detective Bureau Brooklyn South - Deputy Chief John Chell, Commanding Officer of Detective Bureau Queens North - Deputy Chief Julie Morrill, Commanding Officer of Detective Bureau Bronx - Deputy Chief Timothy McCormick, Commanding Officer of Narcotics Division – Assistant Chief Christopher McCormick, Commanding Officer of Special Victims Division - Deputy Chief Caroline Roe, Commanding Officer of Crime Scene Unit - Captain Steven W. King, Commanding Officer of Bomb Squad - Lieutenant Mark Torre, Chief of Housing – Bureau Chief David Barrere, Chief of Intelligence – Bureau Chief Thomas P. Galati, Executive Officer, Patrol Services Bureau - Assistant Chief Kevin Williams, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Manhattan North – Assistant Chief Kathleen M. O'Reilly, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Manhattan South – Assistant Chief Stephen Hughes, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn North – Assistant Chief Judith Harrison, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South – Assistant Chief Brian J. Conroy, Deputy Chief of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South - Deputy Chief Charles Scholl, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Queens North – Assistant Chief Galen Frierson, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Queens South – Assistant Chief Ruben Beltran, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Bronx – Assistant Chief Kenneth Lehr, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Staten Island – Assistant Chief Kenneth Corey, Commanding Officer of Auxiliary Police Section – Inspector Phylis S. Byrne, Chief of Personnel - Bureau Chief Martin Morales, Commanding Officer of Chief of Personnel's Office - Inspector Peter Venice, Commanding Officer of Candidate Assessment Division -, Commanding Officer of Personnel Orders Division - Inspector John Benoit, Chief of Special Operations - Bureau Chief Harry Wedin, Commanding Officer of Emergency Services Unit – Deputy Chief, Commanding Officer of Harbor Unit and SCUBA Team – Deputy Inspector Anthony Russo, Commanding Officer of Mounted Unit – Deputy Inspector Barry Gelbman, Commanding Officer of Aviation Unit – Inspector, Chief of Training -Bureau Chief Theresa Shortell, Executive Officer of Training - Assistant Chief James W. Murtagh, Commanding Officer of Police Academy - Deputy Chief Ludovic Pong, Commanding Officer of Recruit Training Section - Inspector Richard J. Dee, Commanding Officer of Police Cadet Corps - Inspector Marlon Larin, Chief of Transit – Bureau Chief Edward Delatorre, Executive Officer, Transit Bureau - Assistant Chief Gerald E. Dieckmann, Chief of Transportation – Bureau Chief Nilda Irizarry Hofmann, Commanding Officer of Highway Patrol – Inspector Nicole Papamichael, Commanding Officer of Traffic Enforcement District - Deputy Chief Michael Pilecki, Commanding Officer of Traffic Operations District - Inspector Scott Hanover, Commanding Officer of Patrol Services – Bureau Chief, Executive Officer of Patrol Services - Deputy Chief Kevin Williams, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South – Assistant Chief Brian J.Conroy, Commanding Officer of Special Operations – Bureau Chief Harry Wedin, Commanding Officer of Emergency Service Unit – Deputy Chief Wilson Ambroles, Commanding Officer of Harbor Unit – Deputy Inspector Anthony Russo, Commanding Officer of Mounted Unit – Deputy Inspector Barry M. Gelbman, Commanding Officer of Transit – Bureau Chief Edward Delatorre, Commanding Officer of Housing – Bureau Chief David Barrere, Police Service Area 1 Brooklyn covering 60,61,63,69,76,78 precincts, Police Service Area 2 Brooklyn covering 73,75,77 precincts, Police Service Area 3 Brooklyn covering 79,81,84,88,90 precincts, Police Service Area 4 Manhattan covering 5,7,9,10 precincts, Police Service Area 5 Manhattan covering 23,25,28 precincts, Police Service Area 6 Manhattan covering 24,26,32 precincts, Police Service Area 7 Bronx covering 40,42 precincts, Police Service Area 8 Bronx covering 43,45,47 precincts, Police Service Area 9 Queens covering 103,107,113,114 precincts, Commanding Officer of Transportation – Bureau Chief Nilda Irizarry Hofmann, Commanding Officer of Traffic Enforcement District – Deputy Chief Michael Pilecki, Commanding Officer of Detective – Bureau Chief, Commanding Officer of Crime Scene Unit - Deputy Inspector Michael W. King, Commanding Officer of Special Victims Division – Deputy Chief Caroline Roe.

The NYPD has a reserve police force known as the Auxiliary Police. Find your Precinct and learn what police are doing to further reduce crime in your neighborhood. [32], NYPD also maintains the Domain Awareness System, a network that provides information and analytics to police, drawn from a variety of sources, including a network of 9,000 publicly and privately owned surveillance cameras, license plate readers, ShotSpotter data, NYPD databases and radiation and chemical sensors. By default, the commissioner and their subordinate deputies are civilians under an oath of office and are not sworn officers.

Female officers had the option to choose to carry a three-inch barrel revolver instead of the normal four inch model due to its lighter weight. The unit also deals with several forms of computer forensics. Terence Monahan is the 40th individual to hold the post[27], which prior to 1987 was known as the chief of operations and before that as chief inspector.[28]. In the past, Anti-Crime functions were conducted by the citywide Street Crimes Unit. The CSU is the primary focus of the CBS TV drama CSI: NY, and has been occasionally featured on both CSI: Miami and CSI: Cyber. Only TEAs of Level 4 status have peace officer powers, which allows them to carry handcuffs and make warrantless arrests. New York City Police Department 311 Search all websites. Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners are administrators who supersede the chief of department, and they usually specialize in areas of great importance to the Department, such as counterterrorism, support services, public information, legal matters, intelligence, and information technology.

Sex Offenders Monitoring Unit (SOMU): Monitors all state-designated sex offenders to ensure they are in compliance. [14][15][16] Due to its high-profile location in the largest city and media center in the United States, fictionalized versions of the NYPD and its officers have frequently been portrayed in novels, radio, television, motion pictures, and video games. 306 check-ins. The Crime Scene Unit has many tools to process a crime scene, including the materials needed to develop fingerprints, cast footwear and tire impressions, follow the trajectory of bullets fired through windows and the chemicals necessary to observe blood under special lighting conditions that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Mayor William Havemeyer shepherded the NYPD together. The NYPD has extensive crime scene investigation and laboratory resources, as well as units which assist with computer crime investigations. The New York Police Department will hold a series of town halls with residents to gather public feedback on new efforts to make changes to the department’s policing, officials said.

Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Each Bureau is commanded by a Bureau Chief (such as the Chief of Patrol and the Chief of Housing). Anti-Crime officers, unlike patrol units, are not required to handle typical radio runs, such as accidents, disputes, and general policing calls that uniformed officers are called on for a majority of their jobs. You can download and complete two copies of the Police Collision Report (Request for Copy of Collision Record), and either mail them to the precinct of occurrence or drop them off in person at the precinct. Vote on Amy Coney Barrett nomination set for Oct. 22, Women's March, counterprotesters face off at the Supreme Court, Trump insults Savannah Guthrie day after town hall, Anti-lockdown protestors descend on London, 'Utter nonsense': Ex-DHS secretary reacts to Trump's training video, Mike Pence headlines rally in keystone state, Doctors debunk herd immunity reportedly favored by White House.

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