The loss of Alber devastated He actually invented games for the nursery. Messy and expensive, fumigation never became an established treatment and was eventually overshadowed by intramuscular injection. Ernst was in favor of a German unified, federal state and supported Prussia in the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars. Many historians ignore or dismiss these rumors. its possible that she was not vry fertile, or that he wasnt'. Again, these symptoms would eventually disappear and the person might believe themselves cured.

As a result, Albert was the only English royal to have a university education until the current Prince of Wales--Prince Charles. HBRC was somewhat surprises that at least some of the children's clothese were made in the nursery, but it is known that Prince Albert obtained a sewing machine for the nursery. Are there any commentaries how Ernest II got along with his father-in-law, Leopold I of Baden? "[14] No offer of marriage was forthcoming for either brother however, and they returned home. [33] He agreed to a smaller command, coming to lead a Thuringian contingent; he commented in a letter to his brother that "I should have declined any other command of the kind, but I could not refuse this one, as, in the present condition of our States, it is important to keep the executive power in our hands". Ernest, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, was born at Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg on 21 June 1818. However, during their marriage, Ernest had plenty of affairs and fathered at least three illegitimate children – and there were rumours that Louise also engaged in extra-marital relationships. The happy three-some were separated in 1824 when Ernest and Akbrech were only 5-6 years old. Consequently, the treatment of the poor was determined by the prejudices and moral sensibilities of the wealthy. HBRC at this time has only limited information on the royal nursery. Without treatment, the disease would lie dormant (sometimes for many years), only to reappear. I assure you that I felt great difficulty in writing to him for his birthday, but I wrote it as short and cool as I could consistently with civility". [46], Ernest, like his brother, was in favor of a German unified, federal state. Officially, Prince Albert’s father was Ernest I Duke Of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, however his marriage to Albert’s mother, Princess Louise Of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, was an unhappy one. In 1836, Ernest and Albert visited their matrimonially eligible cousin Princess Victoria of Kent, spending a few weeks at Windsor Castle. Ernst had one brother: Ernst (right) with his younger brother Albert and his mother Louise; Credit – Wikipedia. [19] This connection would have many implications for Ernest in the future; for example, he was selected as godfather for Albert's second daughter Princess Alice, and would eventually come to give her away at her wedding, only months after Albert's death. 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. Albert would read from books they could all enjoy like Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. The Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens, designed by Sir George Scott, was erected in his memory in 1871. Their stepmother was thus also their first cousin. Although Albert initially had doubts about the relationship, but enthusiastically agreed when Victoria virtually proposed to him. [57] His great-niece Marie of Edinburgh would later describe Ernest as "an old beau, squeezed into a frock-coat too tight for his bulk and uncomfortably pinched in at the waist, sporting a top hat, lemon coloured gloves, and a rosebud in his lapel". Perhaps it was Victoria. [44], There were problems to the nomination; Ernest had no legitimate children, and thus would have had to adopt one of the princes of his house to succeed him as King of Greece. There are various accounts of Ernest's childhood. Leopold was briefly exiled because in 1848, the Year of Revolutions, Baden was a centre of dissension and discontent. The English royal family is not famed for its scholars. In an age before antibiotics, contact tracing and the NHS, a diagnosis of venereal disease (VD) had devastating consequences. We don't know whether Ernst was cured by the time he married.

Influencer, 33, who 'thought Covid didn't exist' dies after catching bug, Builder who stabbed 3 attackers to death in self defence to face NO charges, Shrinking Gemma Collins shows off her three stone weight loss in cosy loungewear, Cleaning fans hail tip of using your radiator to make your house smell fresh, Thousands of anti-mask protesters march on London hours after Tier 2 lockdown, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. What exactly did Leopold I of Baden do to be exiled? Their father often took lunch with his sons and occasionally took them hunting, but played only a minor role in their education. While he initially was a great and outspoken proponent of German liberalism, he surprised many by switching sides and supporting the more conservative (and eventually victorious) Prussians during the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars and subsequent unification of Germany. Despite this change in his private political views, he still had strong publicly known ties to Austria, where his cousin Alexander, Count Mensdorff, was Foreign Minister,[21] and no one foresaw that Ernest would immediately side with the better-equipped Prussians upon breakout of the war. Not only the other children, but also his wife--Victoria. Ernest composed songs, hymns, and cantatas, as well as musical pieces for opera and the stage, including Die Gräberinsel (1842), Tony, oder die Vergeltung (1849), Casilda (1851), Santa Chiara (1854), and Zaïre, which met with success in Germany. "[63] His funeral was held in the Morizkirche in Coburg; thousands of spectators came to the funeral, including Emperor Wilhelm II and the Prince of Wales. children's fashions for generations. He is always writing anonymous pamphlets against the Queen and Empress Frederick, which naturally creates a great deal of annoyance in the family…” Queen Marie of Romania, born Princess Marie of Edinburgh, said of her great uncle, he is “… an old beau, squeezed into a frock-coat too tight for his bulk and uncomfortably pinched in at the waist’, sporting a top hat, lemon coloured gloves, and a rosebud in his lapel.”, Duke and Duchess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in 1893; Photo Credit – Wikipedia. 204-05. Even Victoria, however, had no idea that Albert was so sick. The mairrages and offspring of these children are truely remarkable. Thanks!

The two were mairred in 1817, the energetic and sparkling Louise brought with her the larger principality of Gotha, considerably enriching Duke Frederick's domains. His untimely death devestated the Victoria. Albert and Ernest at Leopold's urging visited their cousin, Queen Victoria in London after receiving a none tompolite invitation from her. Victoria's letters and Albert's own letters describe him as the consumate father quite unlike his austere Victorian image. He and Albert were brought up and educated together as if they were twins. He is the Prince Consort's only brother and an awful looking man, the Queen dislikes him particularly. In addition, his social liberalism led Victoria to champion needed reforms that may have well in the long un saved the monarchy.

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