Improving Malaria Control in Complex Emergencies, Appendix A: Description of Antimalarial Drugs, Appendix B: Methodology for Efficacy Assessment of In Vivo Malaria Therapy, Appendix C: Alternative Treatment Regimens for Severe Malaria, Appendix D: Malaria Research and Technical Resources. How different is it from the predisplacement social organization? Examine sociopolitical influences that might affect the acceptability and use of malaria control strategies. It is also important to understand how similar the displaced population is from the host population, particularly if both groups are receiving care from the same facilities. These influences must be considered as well when attempting to engage agencies and at-risk populations in malaria control activities. Does labor migration occur? If so, where? Click here to buy this book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available. If members of the host community determine that the displaced community is receiving better care or a more effective drug for malaria, the host community might also try to receive health care services from the humanitarian relief agencies. To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter. In refugee camps in western Tanzania in 1998, Burundian refugees were dismayed by the use of chloroquine as the official first-line therapy, as they had previously used sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine, with better clinical results than when they were treated with chloroquine. Although treatment-seeking studies generally discuss delays in seeking treatment in terms of the time lapse between onset of symptoms and a person seeking treatment at a health care facility, self-treatment for malaria occurs frequently and this may be the first type of treatment sought (McCombie, 1996). Some NGOs have been sensitive to the role that alternative healers have traditionally played in some communities and have incorporated traditional patterns of healing into the services offered by health care facilities. Influences from the larger context (political, social, cultural, environmental, and economic) in which people live their daily lives affect personal choices and may influence whether a control program is sustainable. Also, there is limited information on socioeconomic factors that influence the prevalence of malaria. Perceived to be a spiritual. Are there any cultural taboos or fears associated with preventive measures? What does it consist of? Malaria prevention must go hand in hand with community participation. Share a link to this book page on your preferred social network or via email. For example, are there any marginalized subgroups for whom participation in preventive programs (such as an insecticide-treated net reimpregnation program) might not be feasible due to security concerns? workers in Africa has also been noted (van der Geest, 1997). What influences people to seek treatment? What is known is based on nonemergency situations in Africa (Guiguemde et al., 1994; Koram et al., 1995a, 1995b). Conversely, if refugees are situated in “open” camps/settlements (camps that permit movement of the displaced population out of the identified area of refuge) or if refugees are self-settled, people may choose to use the health care services provided to the host population.

There may be social scientists in the displaced population who could work jointly with the humanitarian relief agencies to define the most critical sociocultural questions and identify the most appropriate way to gather and analyze such data. In planning prevention programs it is also important to determine who makes financial decisions for households, to identify to whom the rations are distributed, and to clarify who is considered most vulnerable and in need of preventive measures. There is also a separate classification of a childhood illness (degedege) whose symptoms were compatible with severe malaria (including cerebral malaria) but were not linked with homa ya malaria. These are determining factors in the success or failure of a malaria control program. In some communities, nonofficial. Are there differences by age groups? Degree of social organization currently existing in the displaced population. What prevention measures are acceptable to the affected population? What is defined and understood as “malaria” from a biomedical perspective may or may not match the local understanding of the illness. sources of health care, such as traditional healers (herbalists, spiritual healers, bush doctors, etc. Sign up for email notifications and we'll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they're released. Are there any political, economic, or structural constraints to seeking care? Identify key members of the affected community to work with representatives from relief agencies. Admittedly, the world and the nature of forced migration have changed a great deal over the last two decades. Illnesses that have symptoms associated with severe malaria are grouped with severe fevers or illnesses associated with sorcery or witchcraft, which are best treated by traditional practitioners. If packages of rations do not contain items that are accepted and valued, those rations might well be sold or traded for other things perceived as being more valuable. Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? Particularly in the early stages of a complex emergency, people might be housed in tents or under plastic sheeting tarpaulins, both of which are incompatible with the proper hanging of standard insecticide-treated bed nets or with residual spraying.

In addition to physiological parameters of vulnerability (such as age and parity for malaria), vulnerability is partly determined by social, political, and economic factors.

What are the perceptions of safety and effectiveness of the antimalarial drugs? In this setting, routine or mild fever is grouped five ways: “malaria fever” (homa ya malaria, in KiSwahili), fever due to personal problems, periodic fevers, ordinary fever, and fever from boils. What local terms are used to describe febrile illness and malaria? The following are some examples of questions that could guide the gathering of baseline data for programmatic planning of malaria control: Ethnic and geographical background of displaced population, including subgroups. ...or use these buttons to go back to the previous chapter or skip to the next one. Putting malaria treatment in the hands of communities, 20th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in AFRICA: 20th ICASA 2019, Au Tchad, les étudiants en médecine sont appelés en renfort pour aider au suivi des personnes contact, Au Bénin, le rôle crucial des psychologues dans la lutte contre la COVID-19, La RDC lance une campagne de dépistage massif pour mieux prendre en charge les patients présentant les comorbidités liées au coronavirus, COVID-19, Faire face à l'impact de la COVID-19 sur la santé mentale, Prise en charge des maladies non transmissibles dans le contexte de la COVID-19 au Bénin, Kenya embarks on new approach to prioritize future TB actions, Combattre la COVID-19 dans les communautés, S'efforcer de maintenir les services essentiels malgré la COVID-19, WHO takes health care services directly to South Sudan’s flood-affected communities in Mayom County.

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