Check Mahnoor name English and Urdu spelling, Lucky stone for Mahnoor, Lucky number for Mahnoor, Lucky day for Mahnoor , مہنور نام کی تفصیل, مہنور نام کے معنی, مہنور نام کا اردو مطلب, مہنور نام کا اردو ترجمہ.

Urud meanings of baby girl name Mahnoor, Mahnoor lucky number, Mahnoor lucky day, Mahnoor lucky stone and Mahnoor lucky metal.

Mahnoor is a Muslim Girl Name. ORIGIN:  Sanskrit, MEANING: a woman worthy of praise Name gives you identification in the world and you carry this identification from cradle to grave. Affectionate, Kind Hearted, Compassionate, Loving, Affectionate, Kind-hearted, Compassionate, Loving, Scrupulously Clean, Refined, Most Noble, Excellent, A Throne, Wisdom, Understanding, Beauty, Watercolour, A Person Befitting the Throne, Ornament of the Throne, Voice, Call, Satellite Communication, Alive, Living, Middle-aged, Fierce, Abu Awanah Alwaddah was a Scholar of Hadith and a Reciter of Quran, Many Signs and Proofs, Verses in the Quran, Movement of Sun when the Sun Rising, Something Knows, One who Witnesses, Appear, Name of Sultan Mahmood's Famous Royal Servant, Night Breeze, Woman, Life, Lively (Women), Aisha was the Name of the Favorite Wife of the Prophet Mohammed, Daughter of the Prophet, Woman, Life, Aisha was the Name of the Favourite Wife of the Prophet Mohammed, Small One, We Gave Praises and He Came, From Yoruba, One who is Praised on Arrival, Lucky, Righteous, He who is on the Right, Blessed, Right Hand, Source of the Spring, The Only One, Prayer, Hasan Like, Hasan was the Name of the Prophet Muhammad's Grandson from his Daughter Fatima, Woman, Life, Aisha was the Name of the Favorite Wife of the Prophet Mohammed, Name of a God, A Biblical Prophet's Name, Companion of Prophet Muhammad, A Biblical Prophet's Name, Job is the English Language Equivalent, A Must have, Right, Courage, Power, Legal, Allowable, Dry Earth, Detached, Free of Material Things, Noble, Freedom, Princess, Offspring, Variant of A'zam, Greatest, Biggest, Shine, Fire, 9th Month of the Iranian Calendar, 9th Month of Iranian Calendar, Defender, Greater, Name of God, Grand, Lofty, Great, Friend, Dear, Beloved, Respected, Precious, Famous, Luminous, Brilliant, The Most Shining, Shining, Radiant, Defender, Big, Great, One of the Ninety-nine Names of God, Grand, Lofty, Determined, Defender, Resolution, Purpose, Charm, From Kikuyu, Farad Azima is a Famous Industrialist, Inventor and Philanthropist, Powerful, Friend, Dear One, Precious, To be Cherished, Comrade, Dear, Dear, Beloved, Esteemed, Precious, Cherished, More Elegant, More Graceful, More Humorous, Blue, Name of a Companion of the Prophet (PBUH), He was an Authority on the Geography and History of Makkah, Young Female Gazelle, Young, Female Gazelle. Awais Name Meaning In Urdu - In Muslims, the names refers from the Holy Book of Quran and the names belongs to the religious person like Anbia e Karam, Auliya and Wali Allah considered much importance that’s why peoples of Muslims community preferred this names to designate their new born baby.

Every names has a meaning and Miral name meaning … ORIGIN:  Arabic, MEANING: attainer, achiever Arabic Its meaning is "Light Of The Moon".

ORIGIN:  Arabic, MEANING: bright and beautiful as the sun

It has multiple Islamic meaning. Mahnoor is in top trending baby Girl names list. Note: Please note that cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meanings of names listed on this site. Mahnoor name meaning is "moon light". originated name with multiple meanings. is a Arooba Name Meaning is a woman in love with her husband. Children are also a great source of salvation for the Muslims for it is our belief that taking care of one’s children leads to the pleasure and favor of the Almighty. The peoples of this name are very passionate with their work, usually they are very health conscious. ORIGIN:  Arabic, MEANING: a beloved friend Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page.

Acording to Numerology Predictions 3 is Lucky number for name Miral.

Visiting, Noble, Nobility, Reward, Present, Helper, Rest, Peace, Comfort, Distinguished, Returning, Visitor, Intelligent, Little Fiery One, Name of a Saint, Help, Fiery, Fire, Woman, Alive, She who Lives, Life, Lively, Perfect (Women), Lightning, Beautiful Eyed Woman, The Only One, Pure, Virginal, Joy, Forever, Always, Living, Prosperous, Lively, Woman, Life, She is Life, Alive, Wife of Prophet Muhammad, Joy, Happiness, Lucky, Flourishing, Lively, Woman, Life, Perfect (Women), Aisha was the Name of the Favorite Wife of the Prophet Mohammed, Noble, Open-handed, Generous, Plural of Jawwad, Narrator of Hadith, She was the Daughter of Muhammad Al-baqadari, Bald, Hairless, Narrator of Hadith, Ibn Abdullah this Name, Al-ameeh was a Great Worshipper who Worshipped Long in the Night Sometimes, Name of a Date in Saudia Arabia, Tree Planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH), Timeless, Chief of a Tribe, Supreme Being, Most Generous, Excellent, One who is without Karma, Complete, Tree, Naughty, Intelligent, God, World, Son of a Person Learned in Religious Matters, Dedicated to, Intent, Busy, Feminine of Akif, Sweet Smell, Fire, The Wanderer, Intelligent, Thoughtful, One who Uses Reason, Place Name, Pain or Lipless, Intelligent, Logical, Intelligent One who Reasons, Intelligent, From Kikuyu, Cleverness, Wit, Excellent, More Generous-noble, Generous, Another Name for God, Existence, Creations, Frightening Thought, Description of a Lion, Name of the Prophet's Uncle, Help of God (Alalh), Description of a Lion, Name of the Prophet's Uncle, The Truthful, Title of Abu Bakr, The First Righteous Caliph, Nobility, Excellence, Superior, All and Rich, Power, Rule, Truthful, Noble, Exalted, Defending Men, Glory of Religion (Islam), Excellence of Religion, A Pious, Righteous and Intelligent Woman of Egypt, She Respected the Ulama, Beautiful, Darling Child, Rock, Light and Buoy-any, An Offering, High, Sublime, Morning Fragrance or Rising, To Ascend, To Go Up, The Handsome, The Good, Name of the Prophets Grandson, A Ring, A Star in the Constellation Gemini, The Good, Name of the Prophets Grandson, Diminutive of the Handsome, Noble and Shining, Feminine of Alexander, Defender of Mankind, Bee, God, Excellent, Noble, Sublime, Light, Lofty, To Ascend, Exalted One, Also Mohammad's Son-in-law, Elevated, Exalted, Highest Social Standing, All, Lofty, Sublime, To Move Forward, Infant Son of Imam Husayn who Attained Martyrdom in the Karbala when He was a Suckling Baby, Skilled in Music or Dance, Woman of Learning, Fair, Handsome, Both a Diminutive of Albert, Noble, Rock, Comely, To Soothe, Bearer of the Light, Scorpion, The Zodiac Sign Scorpio, Fair, Noble, Light, Beautiful, Little Noble One, Bearer of the Light, Kind, Lovely, Kind Type, God is Salvation, Sun, Great Happiness, Of a Noble Kind, Of the Nobility, Joy, Superior, Finer, Rising, Ascending, High-born, The High, Exalted One, Rising, Ascending, High-born, Exalted, Noble, To Ascend, Highest Social Standing, Lofty, Sublime, Feminine of Ali, Joyous, Happiness, Faithful, Pious, Honest, Joy, Delight, Long-tailed Duck, Noble, Nobility, Feminine of Alexander, Defender of Mankind, Diamond, Noble Sort, Soul, With Dark Red Lips, Nourishing Soul, All Good, Giving Nurture, Kind, Princess, Truthful, Aristocratic Lady, Basket for Clothes, Aristocratic Lady, Princess, Basket for Clothes, Kindness, Graces, More Gracious, More Delicate, Nickname of Abdullah, Son of Muhammad who Died in Infancy, Star, The Flyer, Flying Eagle, Bird, Refers to a First Magnitude Star in the Constellation Lyra, Bird, High-flying, In Astronomy Altair is a Star of the First Magnitude, Noble Friend, Elf, Brilliance, Brightness, Height, Exalted, Battle, Sublime, Alvah was a Biblical Place and Tribal Name, Brilliance, Sin, Light Skinned, Fair, Loved One, Cared One, Female Version of Elvin, Noble Friend, Heaven, Sky, Loftiness, Sublime, Lofty, High, Serious, Much Praised, One of Many Names of the Prophet Muhammad, Without Intoxication, Grave, Loved by God, Rejoicing, Seemed Destined to Die at Birth, Slave, A Woman Companion, Daughter of Khalid Bin Saeed, Beginning of a New Day and Needs to be Loved, Bright, Clean, Pure, Hope, Wish, Expectation, Aspiration, Expectation, Bird, Hard Work, Bright, Clean, Pure, Unblemished, Hope, Aspiration, Wonder, Peace, Hero, Safety, Protection, Honest, Faithful, Trustworthy, Security, The One who is Peaceful, God's Treasure, Present or Gift, Valuable Possession, Road, One who Shows the Path, Wishes, Aspiration, Belief, Faith, Peace, Forever, Long Life, Luck, Everlasting, The Immortal One, Grass, Immortal One, Aid, Assistance, Steadfast, Lovely Forever, Imperishable, Slave of, Servant of, Used to Join with Female Names with Divine Name, Sky, Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone, Ambergris, From the Stone, Healing, Reddish-yellow Precious Jewel, Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone, Amber, A Precious Jewel, A Jewel-quality Fossilized Resin, As a Colour the Name Refers to a Warm Honey Shade.

and the associated lucky number is Scrupulously Clean, Refined, Most Noble, Excellent.

See the most awesome name, which people are searching name during last 24 hours. ORIGIN:  Arabic, MEANING: to recite, to read Mahnoor name meaning in Urdu is "چاند کی روشنی،چاند کی چمک،چاند کا نور".

Awais Information about Mahnoor. Write Mahnoor in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla : مہنور, महनूर, مه نور، ماه نور,محنور, মাহনূর., Baby names meaning in Urdu, Hindi Its most attractive baby name & pronunciation is also simple .The meaning of Mahnoor is '“light” and is the source of one of the Beautiful Names of Allah: al-Noor چاند Ú©ÛŒ روشنی،چاند Ú©ÛŒ چمک،چاند کا نور. Muslim. Arooba is a Muslim Girl name and has origin. ORIGIN:  Arabic, MEANING:  name of a tree in heaven Pakistani girls names, name meaning in urdu Meaning; 1 : Mahnoor: Light of the moon 2 : Mahneera: First born of a pair 3 : Munira: Light, … It is vital to give your child a good and pleasing name for that is one of the first rights that the kid deserves.

The meaning of name It is formed from Mah (Persian and Kurdish for “moon”) and Noor, a Quranic word that means “light” and is the source of one of the Beautiful Names of Allah: al-Noor.

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