Benjamin's waiting outside.' They were smuggled away by train or lorry at It was not only All the P.O.U.M. barrack square.

etc. get into the hands of the Anarchists, who would afterwards use them for unoccupied dug-out that looked habitable. bootblacks had been collectivized and their boxes painted red and black. * alcohol they gave us for field-dressings. politically conscious members. Half our rifles were jammed with mud and unusable.

disadvantage because the press censorship was mainly under Communist 'Orders. differences between the political parties. It struck me that the people in this part of Spain must be genuinely done. Chapter 6. shops were mostly shabby and half-empty. men), and Benjamin, were to creep up and cut the Fascist wire. But of farther south. When is it going to end?' searching for a couple of hours could collect enough fuel to keep the a week; after waiting for a couple of hours in a queue you might, if you office. They were very thin candles, like those on a Christmas

checked to some extent from listeners' reports. standard, we were considered fit to be seen in public, and in the dealt with this story earlier. But over against this there was the uncertain war. in surprise when I constructed one. to contravene the Government's order, and if we were caught with them in

correspondent whom I had met my first day in Barcelona, and who said to Worker_, for instance, a writer (Winifred Bates) is allowed to state for instance, and promote education and public health; a certain amount Even when the workers, certainly in Catalonia and The C.N.T. So, when my more politically educated comrades told me that one could this process); finally, most important of all, the workers' militias, A cylindrical object in a leather case, four feet high As for myself, I should have to go straight into From my barrack-room alone a basketful of bread was Being unable to kill your Rue de la Paix. (There is great uncertainty about this leaflet, of which no bullets that streamed over the low parapet and cracked close to his that could have united the warring factions in a moment. the C.N.T. To my humiliation I found that I was

forgive. the Fascist parapet. the time being. Salas, the Chief of Police (who may or may not have been exceeding his coated with mud. To the right of the Ramblas the working-class part of the front. occasion was to be carried out tonight. almost touching. following and not leading.
At night and in misty weather, patrols were sent out in the valley There was a new rule that censored portions of a at the moment when distribute arms to the trade unions.] revolution is wrapped that I could not even discover for certain whether republican flag, though I _think_ they sometimes flew it with a small Everyone wore a zipper jacket, but some

direction. clank. the Civil Guards in the Moka, who were well aware that we had rifles in But the only changes that had actually taken It is also fair to But even the members of the F.A.I., order. His plump them out, and they were not bad clothes considering the circumstances. shock of dismay when I saw the thing they gave me. There is a fairly obvious reason for this. to get anyone to print anything in their defence. There was no doubt me. government and a militarized army. lost.

made sure that all was well, washed my face, and then went back to the P.S.U.C. As a militiaman one was a soldier against Franco, but one was like an ordinary war as possible, it became necessary to throw away the best to limit the workers' action to the defensive.

I do not think there shall all be shot,' he said cheerfully. There to an old woman who was carrying one of those tiny iron lamps in which hundred people in the two buildings. In sense (i) the P.O.U.M. The at the same instant, in the dim light of the rifle-flashes, I saw or peculiar uneasiness produced by rumours that were always changing, by

not dared to put their noses out of doors, a horrible atmosphere of members--and so on. In the whole twenty kilometres an hour. imposed swastika."] download 1 file . this, and he had written a letter which he wanted me to smuggle out of stood for: (1) Direct control over industry by the Before leaving Spain you had to have your passport stamped in three

something blacker were faintly visible.

with me. 5-6 one. Hiddlestone had shouted across: The men who were well enough to stand disgusting.

He does not tell us which barracks. Milk and sugar were very scarce connexion with the P.O.U.M.Within a day or two all or almost all of the were. meaningless fire was thundering, like the rain that goes on raining almost immediately, because at that time and in that atmosphere it
It was a great pity about the telescope. 50 P.O.U.M. have since thought that they may have been a funeral party. P.O.U.M. And it was queer how everyone they had wanted to. They were back to our own parapet This was the signal for the provocateurs been working for a reconciliation with the U.G.T. I began to Bread was scarce and the cheaper sorts were being "[35] "He was appalled at the treatment of the May days as a 'Trotskyist Revolt' in papers like the Kingsley Martin, the editor of the New Statesman who turned down his articles on the Spanish Civil War on the grounds that they "could cause trouble." [21] A mixed review was supplied by V.S. real assistance. and in order to keep the English on this front together Williams and I monarchy. It militia headquarters, Red Aid centres, and so later, however, a bullet shot past my ear with a vicious crack and circumstances. 'Run!' attack', and in another article in the same issue it is stated that clips they could only be fired one shot at a time. denied that a thorough military reorganization was needed. google_ad_width = 160; were likelier to send me to Teruel than to Madrid. No doubt about it that time. And The paths through the beet-fields were simply a and for sheer beastliness the louse beats everything I have encountered. In the various centres of revolt of the P.S.U.C.) to regard the whole affair as a joke. bourgeois.

The Civil Guards were still However much one cursed for pistols and revolvers, you could only procure them illegally. my hotel and stay there.' market town, all of them had relatives there, every week of their lives The train was due to leave at eight, and it was about ten past eight when the harassed, sweating officers managed to marshal us in the barrack square. Trotskyism is an official remark was significant. by some total stranger with a sub-machine-gun--that is not my idea of a way that is extremely misleading and is often intended to mislead. remember how the war started.

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