II (Taschenbuch: 2013) 13. Certain completely inappropriate responses fail to recognize that Honneth is not aiming to rediscover some long-dead spectre. The genius of Marx, who always employed the dialectical method, consisted in disclosing the concrete moments that lie hidden beneath a reified shell. "making into a thing") is the process by which social relations are perceived as inherent attributes of the people involved in them, or attributes of some product of the relation, such as a traded commodity. 629).

cit. Many of the ugliest things in society - racism, sexism, prejudice - emerge somehow fortified by their superficiality and baseness.

As a theory of revolutionary action, dialectical materialism contradicts any theory of reification that seeks the mystery of all structures of human consciousness in "things," in “ghostly objectivity.” Such a view completely ignores the subjective dimension operative in actual class conflict. In his Ontologie, Lukács emphasizes the currently observable changes in capitalism as due to the “expansion of large capital production to the entire domain of consumption and service, which causes them to influence the everyday lives of most humans in a completely different, direct, active, and directly intervening sense than was ever possible in earlier economic models.” "[8] Althusser's critique derives from his theory of the "epistemological break," which finds that Marx underwent significant theoretical and methodological change between his early and his mature work.

James Robinson - unknown. 31 Norbert Bolz, Auszug aus der entzauberten Welt.

Destructive for whom? Lukács describes how this became apparent in the bourgeois understanding of history which also ‘became polarised into two extremes: on the one had, there were the ‘great individuals’ viewed as the autocratic makers of history, on the other hand, there were the ‘natural laws’ of the historical environment.


In Lukács this social moment is completely obscured by the moment of thinghood. Lukács explains how this works on both objective and subjective levels in capitalist society: 'objectively in so far as the commodity form facilitates the equal exchange of qualitatively different objects….subjectively, this formal equality of human labour in the abstract…becomes the real principle governing the actual production of commodities’. Classical economy studied the process of production in its material-technical basis, but it failed utterly to regard it from the standpoint of social antagonism. It is even more in evidence when we consider the great spheres of activity created by the division of labor.

by Edward Aveling (New York: International Publishers, 1975), 71. )) In March 1967, Lukács thought it important to emphasize that he had “never slipped into the error, which I have been frequently able to observe in workers, (and) petit-bourgeois intellectuals, that they were ultimately impressed (...) by the capitalist world.” And he adds: “My contemptuous hatred, conceived during my boyhood, of life in capitalism saved me from this.”16 Lukács’ original experience could perhaps be described, in compressed form, as a complex of personal rebellion by a banker’s son against the unbearable experience of his milieu, and cultural frustration vis-à-vis the art of the Fin de Siècle and the concomitant “transcendental homelessness” of the intellectual.

They appear as relationships between objects. Köln 2014. 2011.

The following is not intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of Lukács' theory of reification. (( The reference here of course is to Marx and Engels’s “Communist Manifesto,” in Marx-Engels Reader, 475-6.

71 The diagnosis by the late Lukács is similiar, when he speaks oft he disappearance of “cannibalistic over-work” and the fading of “perceivable [sinnfällig] brutality … only to make way for a 'voluntarily' accepted form.” (ibid.). The cobbler would be skilled in the various stages of work required to make the shoe. Januar 2006, Nr. 60 Despite all its deficits, among the strengths of the “Marburg School” formed around Wolfgang Abendroth and Werner Hofmann, unlike the Frankfurt school’s protagonists, counts its insistence, on the indispensable role of Marx’s theory to gain adequate insights and to be able to address practical-political problems in contemporary society. O. Höffe, ‘Kantische Skepsis gegen die transzendentale Kommunikationsethik’, in, This is the meaning of the reappropriation of Lukács by Merleau-Ponty, criticized by Habermas in. In his late writings, Lukács distanced himself equally clearly from a deterministic interpretation of historical processes; he emphasizes that economic development merely produces a “margin of possibility [Möglichkeitsspielraum],” “whose realization can only be enacted by humans themselves” (Zur Ontologie des gesellschaftlichen Seins, Bd.

The means by which this immediacy ‘becomes’ for both classes are fundamentally different. Does then not the philosophy of Bergson appear in the role of savior, rescuing cognition from its paralyzing formalism?

42 In the tradition of the Frankfurt School, there is a tendency to think of critical theory merely as a branch of moral philosophy that is concerned solely with questions of social equity. The Hungarian Marxist makes this observation about capitalism: ‘The universality of the commodity form is responsible both objectively and subjectively for the abstraction of the human labour incorporated in commodities'.

Here’s Lukács: [Philosophy] may radically question the value of formal knowledge for a “living life” (see irrationalist philosophies from Hamann to Bergson). History morphed into something which people could lay their hands upon and make their own, thereby changing the world.

Other readers, less concerned with orthodoxy (of whatever stripe) on the other hand, have pointed to the wealth, and the scope of his perspective: Even in the 1930s or 50s, Lukács’ singular intellectual position in the context of the Marxist school of philosophy was remarked on by his contemporaries.


by Zima, R.D. In order to substantiate the methodological inevitability of such incomprehensibility of the crisis problem for bourgeois theorists, Lukács recalls the theory of Tugan-Baranovsky, in which the latter, giving an analysis of historical crises over nearly a century-long period, tries to exclude the fact of consumption and to found an economics purely focused on production. The distorted reflection of economic relations by bourgeois law is, "all the more [distorted] the more rarely it happens that a code of law is the sharp, unmitigated, unadulterated expression of the domination of one class." II, loc.

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