An email to the Falcons asking about the jerseys’ authenticity was not immediately returned on Tuesday evening. Best case scenario: the Falcons mix in a bunch of those alternate options throughout the season and beyond, because some (like the white jersey with red pants) are straight heat. Dave: I’d have the team wear the black pants with the white jerseys and vice versa. Jeremy: I sounded like I was recording a Prince song. However, leaks of the uniforms appeared online late last night, and apparently the team figured the cat (bird?) The Falcons have a unique combination of colors and lack a classic look like the Packers or Steelers, so they have the leaway to push the envelope a bit. Needless to say, I really liked some of the designs.

Christian: I wasn’t impressed with the new look. Bears, Packers, and Steelers beg to differ. As shown above, we had black jerseys with white numbers, white pants, and red helmets. That is the big question. Brady: Mostly. The home uniforms practically remained the same, but the away jerseys returned to having red numbers and red socks.

It just looks Atlanta. I still prefer the old logo size too, but again, not going to complain here. The Atlanta Falcons have finally said bye bye to Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff. In 1997, Dan Reeves came in and put some pop in the Falcons look. The new kit is futuristic and cutting edge. Apparently, the youths eat that crap up. Zach: Mixed. As fate would have it, the Falcons can’t really do anything about the cosmic realities of the loss to to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Although red would ultimately win out as witnessed by the present-day Falcons, the black uniform is something fans still dream about. Oh the last tweak, make new jerseys because these aren’t it. 1025 S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy.New Orleans, LA 70125(504) 486-6161. But wow. And, the Falcons road jerseys had black numbers, just like those pesky Dawgs. What should the Atlanta Falcons look like?

Out with the old, in with the new… The @atlantafalcons will be debuting a new helmet design for the first time in 17 years on the field in 2020.#RiseUp X #RiddellDesign, — Riddell Sports (@RiddellSports) April 8, 2020. When I saw the leaked tweets I just kept scrolling down my timeline. They introduced silver, which became part of the facemask, jersey stripes and numbers, and pants. 1990’s all black uniforms were the best. The color rush looks bad because they take away what makes the unis special, the striping and the details., — Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) April 8, 2020. The people talking about both of the Falcons tweets are 6,044 and 2,828: 6+0+4+4+2+8+2+8=34.

As someone who has long-wished for the Falcons to make a change, the move inspired me to give a brief history of the Falcons past uniforms.

The new decade brought a new change to the Atlanta Falcons, the reintroducing of black as the primary color. Keep it basic. Silver was introduced in 1978, as the Falcons pants switched from white to silver, as shown above. And now the debate begins., Not really feeling the falcons new jerseys, — Gamerboy Nave: Campus Band Trombone #EG (@GamerboyNave) April 7, 2020, Only Falcon jersey I respect, — Jason Casbon (@JayCasbon) April 7, 2020, Sign up for the For The Win newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. We both hated the alarm-clock look of the jersey numbers that made them very difficult to read. The Falcons not only created a new, modernized logo, but also got completely new uniforms as well. Plus, the Falcons won the 1998 NFC Championship game and the 2002 playoff game at Lambeau wearing the pictured uniform, so that stands for something. What I don't like though is that the pants stripe on the home uniform has 3 colors, but on the pewter units are only 2 colors. Dan Quinn and Mike Smith suffered the same fate as head coaches, and it's mostly because they shared the same tendencies. This is not necessarily what I was expecting. I’ve always enjoyed that combination and the red lining makes it pop. I think the color rush can work if they just keep the uniform designs as they are. Chris: Yeah, I can get behind these. I can’t even stress the word hate.

I don't actually hate the new Atlanta unis. Falcons: New uniforms, same Dirk Koetter & other takeaways. Speaking of fashion ... the Falcons unveiled their new uniforms on Wednesday. Everyone thought these uniforms were perfect, and the new options with the black pants were exciting. 25% Off Entire FO Store - Use Promo Code "KICKOFF25". If there’s one tweak you could make to any of it, what would it be? The very first uniforms had shoulder numbers instead, and the Falcons crest on the sleeve. There is a very good reason for me showing you a road uniform for the first time in this list. Which Falcons uniform was best?

Jeremy: I think they did what I expected them to. These are the last few seasons of the Matt Ryan era, and he’s the best quarterback the franchise has ever had so that’s a big deal. They used the inside of a delivery truck as the backdrop. The game of the week will take place in Tampa Bay on Sunday afternoon, as Aaron Rodgers and the undefeated Green Bay Packers take on Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, with star receivers coming back from injury for each team. The uniform wasn't really that bad of a design. Your email address will not be published. The Bucs just drove up I-75 and politely handed off "The Crappiest Uniforms in the League" trophy to the Falcons. Also when I think about trying to go for the futuristic look in the league, you don’t have to even leave the division. It feels like Atlanta. Atlantans over at the Georgia Institute of Technology were angry an Atlanta-based team was donning University of Georgia colors.

But, in the second preseason game in 2003, Vick broke his leg and ended up missing almost the entire season. How the hell does that come close to retro??? Rashad: Classics.

The Falcons had their most success up to that point while wearing these uniforms, by not only making their first Super Bowl, but also being the first NFL team to win a playoff game on the road at Lambeau Field. After another disappointing loss, it was time for the Atlanta Falcons to move on. Georgia actually wore black jerseys way back in the day, and also wore white pants nearly identical to the Falcons during the start of the Dooley era (the Techies had a point). I don’t understand why owners think this will bring success? Then again, it's Atlanta and there's nothing simple about the city.

The look started the Falcons in a new direction uniforms-wise, that would be upgraded down the road. Curious. Some say this was the best uniform they ever wore. Sure, there’s a gray outfit. Juice is temporary, but sauce is forever.

If you notice, the Falcons helmet had a thin, gold stripe on it. A first in the NFL. Although the change may sound subtle, it was pretty darn noticeable in pictures.

LATER WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The funny thing about the Falcons' uniform reveal is that this Tweet, which is still less than 24 hours old, announces that the uniforms would not be unveiled until April 14. Falcons fans had mixed reactions to the possible jerseys. The gradient uniform style needs to die around the league. Here is a complete rundown of their uniform history to help you decide. The black and white jerseys and pants are fairly simple and straightforward. The Deion Sanders/Andre Rison era unis are among my favorite in NFL history. Good thing the Chiefs, Cowboys, Redskins, Packers, Bears, Steelers, etc don’t follow this ridiculous way of thinking. We’ll get back to that. Awesome looks. Like I said earlier, I feel a new age in these jerseys, and one day all NFL jerseys make have a look/feel like this. The black on black uniform was a declared alternate from 2004 through 2008. Malik: When I first saw them, I was impressed. Also, the Falcons crest made its way back onto the jersey sleeves in 1981. The Falcons have joined the Dolphins, last year’s Buccaneers and all the other teams that have chosen to go with a High School and College team look. The new ones look good. I didn’t like last years uniforms and was hoping for a RETRO , ie 1970’s uniform with red helmets. by Dave Bernreuther // Apr 08, 2020 - 9:37am, In reply to Whoever signed off on those… by Theo.

Falcons owner and CEO Arthur Blank sent a letter to season ticket members on Tuesday informing them with the exclusive news that the team will unveil a new Falcons uniform design in April of 2020. Cue Principal Skinner. There is also an all-pewter Color Rush option (which is oxymoronic, kinda) that has different pewter pants than the standard kit.

We know you are here for the FREE analytics, not the ads. Rashad: Oh, wow. - right alongside the new set, helping create more contrast and highlighting just how terrible the new uniforms look.

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Buddy Curry (50) huddles with his teammates during an NFL game against the Los Angeles Rams at Anaheim Stadium on December 21, 1980.

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