Check out Georgia's podcast:, Check out Georgea's album and live show:, Get tix to see Brooks live:

Check out Tony: Get the mug: See Brooks live:, Jason Saenz (Great comic/Fun friend) discusses his upcoming return to comedy after he fell through a skylight, working for Steve Harvey, selling home windows door to door, running the social media for Divorce Court, and the ins and outs of working for REAL ROCK AND ROLL MOVERS in LA. That's it, time to cash in on this thing! This is a special episode because Brooks was party responsible for getting Mike fired one time. See Brooks live: GET THE MUG: Listen to Power Moves:, Al Madrigal (stand up comic/been in 1000 other things) comes on to discuss having the job of hiring/firing people, being partially responsible for the death of another person because he was stoned, and having a coworker come at him with a switchblade.

Check out Nick live: See Brooks live: GET THE MUG: email the podcast, Mamrie Hart (great comedian, author, and friend) is on to discuss swindling her neighbors for money as a child, bartending at UNC while not taking college for real, working undercover at McDonald's, and being scary broke in New York City. Joe Kilgalon (rad comic) talks about fighting a man with his mom in K-Mart, seeing the housing bubble happen, and being an undergound gambler for a while. Free Instagram Followers Bobby Moynihan joins Brooks today to recount his days as a 12 year old used toy store manager, abusing his lifeguard powers in high school, sneaking around the UConn campus with janitor keys, scamming Pizzaria Uno, and he even lets us know what happens when you have your nude photos developed at a sketchy 1 hour PhotoMart. Spotify: See Brooks live:, Dave Waite (stand up and nice ass dude) swings by to discuss giving college an honest one month chance and living at home for probably way too long. The hosts of Los Feliz the Podcast (Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr) are on this episode of Entry Level. Mike's lived a life of trash growing up scamming grocery stores in Michigan before he worked designing baby clothes for over a decade.

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