He was hitting a smooth .330/.386/.519 at Triple-A this year, although those numbers were certainly helped by the PCL and his home ballpark in Las Vegas. Even in the glowing amateur report from earlier, his power was questioned. Is a prolific run producer and a quality glove man at first base, too. Dominic Smith

While painting a picture with a scouting report, we use what we see on the field as data points to formulate a projection.

All the signs point to a hitting stroke that will ultimately hit home runs.

In each at-bat, he has a plan of attack and a clear idea of what he is able to accomplish against the type of pitching he is facing. He was a low-90s, left-handed pitcher and also played a significant amount of right field for his high school team.”. Even affiliated scouts often base their reports on a three-game series. Change the approach, be more aggressive, sacrifice some hitting skill in order to generate more power. WeaknessesI haven't seen much loft in Smith's swing in the Arizona Fall League. However, he can be successful just being a very good hitter and not a very good hitter with power. Video: Mets prospect Smith using his time in AFL to learn. Is an excellent hitter for average with emerging power. Because of that, a scouting report can change on a player over time. Get the latest stats, rankings, scouting reports, and more about New York Mets player Dominic Smith on Baseball America He committed to attend the University of Southern California, but when the Mets selected him in the first round of the 2013 Draft, he decided to sign a professional contract.

Update Profile Go Premium to Update Profile. ... Smith owns a slash line of .337/.399/.524 and has hit a career-high 15 … The swing that Smith uses to put on a solid, fundamental batting practice session is not the swing that he puts on pitches in games. One last mystery comp that I think you may hear again between now and June: You can quibble some with the power (mystery guy had a touch more raw power in high school), defense (advantage Smith), and maximum velocity (Smith’s top reading is 92 so far), but I think most of those scouting blurbs could have been pulled directly from a scouting report of Smith. Extremely difficult to gauge; received extremely positive reviews on makeup as an amateur, but projects a completely different image as a professional; low-energy player, poor body language, doesn't move with any urgency; in practice, looks disinterested, more interested in interacting with friends, agents, etc.

Signing directly out of Junipero Serra High School in Gardena, Calif., Smith has completed parts of three seasons in the Mets organization.

Smith may have the best overall hitting mechanics in this year's edition of the Arizona Fall League.

Rather, it’s the complete lack of translation from raw skills to in-game utility that has been most disappointing. your username. Smith knows enough about hitting to take the pitch where it is thrown. They share playing time in Arizona, and both are getting rave reviews from scouts. The most damning bit of evidence? Still, after over 800 professional plate appearances, I’d like to see a higher level of comfort against them. The Official Site of Major League Baseball. Scouting report on Dominic Smith, who’ll be with Mets soon By Kevin Kernan. 1B: Nick Longhi, Rowdy Tellez, Zack Collins, DJ Peterson (4). We certainly can’t write him off completely, and a bad report today is hardly a death sentence. Welcome! Even up 2-0 in the count, there is no inclination to even consider swinging. Smooth, consistent first baseman with upside. He may well become a perennial All Star.

Prospect Profile: The Reevaluation of Dominic Smith. Peterson has the best shot of the group of cracking the first round – I could see some teams buying into him as a smaller, yet no less powerful version of CJ Cron, the 17th overall pick in 2011. Smith isn’t alone when it comes to intriguing high school first base prospects. It’s these kinds of at-bats—not ones where a pitcher just makes a good pitch or when a good swing is put on the ball and contact is just missed—but the completely un-competitive at-bats that make me begin to second guess the present relevance of past reports. ), but rather the ones that jumped out to me as being especially intriguing follows as we head into the season. Without speed, athleticism, and, most importantly, a defensive positional advantage over your peers, it is a really tough climb from high school standout to big league star. He has very quick hands through the ball and has a simple, fluid swing that he consistently repeats. Schedule.

But Smith’s approach is far too passive to be effective, to an extent that is matched only by his energy level on the field. I recently spoke to one of Smith’s biggest fans in the scouting community who told me, all developmental caveats understood, Smith’s realistic big league floor is Adam LaRoche.

I can’t un-see the strong batting practice sessions I saw him take multiple times last spring.

This is where the background information comes in handy. The Mets haven't developed a legit hitter in ages. As he spends more time in the weight room and learns to stay back and use his lower half better, he figures to hit for plus power.”. He was widely considered as having the best hit tool in the high-school class and is frequently discussed by veteran scouts as being one of the best defensive high-school first basemen they've ever evaluated. Last season, the approach zapped his in-game power at least as much, and probably more so, than did his home ballpark. How old is this player?

He is still extremely young, having not yet turned 20 and facing High-A competition, so some struggles are to be expected and there is plenty of time to correct them. And more importantly in this case, for how long? Longhi seems quite underrated thus far — out of sight, out of mind — but that could just be me being way off base on yet another high school guy who impressed me a ton in person. His passive mentality is well ingrained, and has been a known commodity since his amateur days. If that should happen, Smith will be the ultimate middle-of-the-order hitter. Maxed out physically, already filled out; has gone from muscular and trim last year to softer and more full throughout his body this season; no room for growth, only progress physically would be to trim down; body isn't a concern now, but it could be an issue considering it's taken a step back and he's not yet 20. It would be nearly impossible for Smith’s raw skills to diminish this quickly, just two years removed from being such a high pick and having personally seen them effectively on display as recently as March. Must hit tough left-handed pitching in the bigs. Smith has a very solid feel for hitting, as he allows the pitch to travel and uses good pitch recognition in his decision making process at the plate. He still flies open with his hips, limiting his plate coverage and power potential, and since he’s no longer at “this level” (high school), he can no longer get away with it. None of this will be an issue if he produces. That’s concerning. The question then is: How much we should consider that background in an evaluation, and to what extent? It’s a long at-bat, sure, and those will eventually lead to walks, but without any kind of desire to attack a fastball in a hitter’s count, there will be no power. As he spends more time in the weight room and learns to stay back and use his lower half better, he figures to hit for plus power.

In his first real taste of failure, Smith seems to be continually trying the same thing, only to find the same unsuccessful results.

Because of the natural limitations of one person’s ability to see a player, we often use background information to help us paint a picture. BackgroundIt's a bit ironic that both Dominic Smith of the Mets and Blue Jays first-base prospect Rowdy Tellez are playing for the Salt River Rafters in the Arizona Fall League. Not aiming to hit every ball over the fence, he is just looking to drive the ball hard. All rights reserved. It is a picture of a player’s abilities, both of what the present shows us and what we can expect him to look like in the future. But habits and mentality are difficult to change, and a closer look begins to show a trend. Smith still wastes at-bats. Scouting Report.

Is a prolific run producer and a quality glove man at first base, too. ... Smith in a word Promising. Enter Dominic Smith.

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