You can also join our book clubs for all the best African American romance stories sent to you at a huge discount. As an orphan, Mercy has been used to protecting herself and being  on her own. Alexandra Warren’s Baggage Claimed, I think I’ve read that one at least three times.

Lovers reuniting and amnesia? And both follow educated Black women from the North who move South determined to do their part to uplift the race. Stephanie Nicole Norris was also one of the compilation series writers with Everlasting Desire (Unparalleled Love Series). User-generated content platforms, where anyone can post their writing and get feedback from other writers and book lovers, are another way for diverse talent to build an audience. A Virtuous Ruby by Piper Huguley is a grittier but engrossing and richly researched story of two mixed-race people beset by major hardship and abuse who find solace in each other and in their Christian faith.

It’s also a quintessential Beverly Jenkins’ creation. In Finding Joy, Desta Joy Walker returns to Ethiopia (a place he’s been actively avoiding because it’s where his father died), where he meets Elias Fikru, who has lived in Ethiopia his entire life.

Some are Westerns. Third, they embrace the values of Dr. King’s ideal of the beloved community, one based on justice and love of one’s fellow human beings.

The news about Milan went public on December 23, 2019, and “Romancelandia,” the unofficial name for the inclusive world of romance writers, rushed to Milan’s defence using the hashtag #IStandWithCourtney. The author writes non-traditional love stories with sass. Racial solidarity has usually been an essential character trait for protagonists in African American historical romance. All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. Whew! She grew up on a plantation her father owned.

You look like you could use a little more support, positivity, and warmth right now.

We wanted to wow you and offer something to pass on to friends. Vivid’s potential love interest, the mayor, is also a skeptic about romantic love. Love Belvin is always a chart-topper. This summer, it will launch a new romance line, Carina Adores, featuring LGBTQ+ characters at the centre of contemporary love stories that are exclusively trope-based—think “enemies-to-lovers,” or “there’s only one bed!”—rather than on focussing solely on issues related to sexual preference.

Deshon Dreamz (beautiful name btw) has a way of telling a magnificent story. Milan’s tweet about this book, and the language she used in it (she referred to the book as a “f-cking racist mess”), spurred the publisher and the writer to file complaints with the RWA board.

Enjoy! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. African American history gives romantic fiction relevance and weight, while the romance genre gives African American narratives much needed hope. He was kidnapped, sold into slavery illegally down South, and eventually liberated by friends.

A Beverly Jenkins Romance Collection features five short stories, including two holiday-themed ones. It’s a great love story and a multilayered, richly researched history lesson as well. Readers will recognize what Daniel suffers as PTSD and a near constant, low simmering rage. He just wants to make music and live in peace for a change.

Publishers are also creating new opportunities exclusively for diverse writers.

The sex scenes don’t disappoint, and readers have remarked that the couple’s problems are super relatable, which makes their journey back to each other all the more satisfying.

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