I am 14 years old and I am from Mauritius. 2. I am waging a war against the wrong definition of K-pop.

I'm also white. I don't think it matters.

Pls noticed me YG, SM and JYP

외국인 may officially mean all foreigners but that doesn't mean that's how it's used in practice. How Japan Is Reacting To Angered Chinese Netizens Regarding BTS RM’s Korean War Statement.

I wanna tell you why am I dreaming about that. Before we move on with the topic, let us take a closer look on what makes a person, a K-Pop idol. There is a severe lack of new good songs, so I were a Kpop producer, I would seriously hire Rihanna's songwriters.If anything, we need more Kpop on American musical scene - there is only PSY at the moment, and this is definitely not enough. Close to -10.

You're a trainee and your company debuts a new group, but you're not a part of it.

Think about it every night and cry

("-_-), I;m shore if they where Indian or black people would notice but i kinda like the song.

It's a question that definitely might have crossed your mind at some point if you're a K-Pop fan. I'm a trainee now and I can guarantee that you won't get accepted so… Read more ».
Please answer my question ? I definitely see what you mean. All proceedings are done by their company. I'm thirteen years old, my pronouns are they/them. Hi my name is Alexa Ubaña I'm 13 years old and I'm from Philippines I want to become a kpop idol my voice is good I can sing but I'm not better to dance what can I do for audition to YG of anything? I think fans perceive Kpop stars only as East Asian-looking handsome guys with very fair complexion.

Saying that you hate all non-Asians is just ridiculous. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. Asians are in kpop because the American music industry or other music industries are not open to them.

i wanted to be a kpop idol someday but will my family allow it?

But it is strange to see that, in discussing this topic, no one among the supposed devotees of Korean pop music brings up the fact that K-pop's number one band has a white member, and it has been that way for a whole year.

I'm a South Asian girl

I'm sure no one will call me an americaboo. Try getting dance lessons, singing lessons, etc.

yes of course. And if you ask me, yes I am Korean.

Kpop is person's poor taste in music whose people steeped deep in black culture and hate black people.

Keep performing and try to keep calm.

I am a european kpop fan, I am from Greece. I can understand where you come from but I just hope that you get the fact that music is for everyone, not just for a race of people. Hi my name is Jolie and I'm 10 I love kpop I which them ever day I love bts blackpink got7 mamamom and more, I'm 10 and I really want to be a kpop I'm good at danceing and sing my name is jolie. I cannot guarantee success, but you never know. The reason behind the controversy is kind of stupid anyway. For example, some considered IU as an idol but some would say no.

Your company is forcing you to have a very strict diet.

I just want to share that i will one day become an kpop idol. If it isn’t that way then why do Kpop artists get so hyped up or excited when they see international fans? I know my chances are really low but I wanna try. As I’ve gotten into more groups and learned their stories, hardships, etc. I want to experience the same opportunities that all idols get from auditioning, training, etc. K-Pop idol is pretty much the same as a normal singer, but they are more of a performing artist instead of a musician.

i wanna keep in touch with you if thats okay... i would love to talk to someone with the same interest!!!

My dancing it's acceptable but idk any singing.

i don’t care about fame, i’ve just fallen in love with performing ever since i was little.

And I also got hope when I saw Lana since she isn't even Asian! Hmm we do need more members so yeah, you’re in! Have you considered auditioning yet?

You say americans? Try taking some singing lessons or watch videos on singing. Hi, I'm MacKenzie and I'm 1w years old.

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