In the middle of all this, there's a lovely toast to the only original "90210" cast member who's not a part of the series, Luke Perry, who died this year. When the reunion finally happens, it's a little awkward.

It's hard to describe what, exactly, "BH 90210" is. What happens when the band gets back together? Jason is directing a fake superhero TV series. Absolutely not. For starters, he thinks he’s too old for crime. It's a new Fox TV show, for sure, a six-week summer fun-run of slightly trashy television set in sunny poolsides. They ask about Brian Austin Green’s more famous wife. It features (sort of) celebrities playing themselves, but it's not reality TV. So that means Brian Austin Green isn't with Megan Fox; he's with a fictional pop star named Shay (La La Anthony). © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Love it? Especially for nostalgia-crazy fans (and there are plenty of them), Easter eggs, in-jokes and photos and clips from the original series will satisfy. Genre fans with hefty streaming budgets are in for a treat this year. But we're not seeing Kelly and Brendan, we're seeing Jennie Garth and Jason Priestley discussing Kelly and Brandon. They're still, of course, best friends. “Don’t Underestimate Midwest American Sun,” the unassuming centerpiece of Morby’s new album, feels expansive.

Jason and Jennie share a sad marriage moment at the bar before quickly jumping into bed. Season 1, Episode 1 The Reunion First Aired: August 7, 2019 In the premiere, the "Beverly Hills, 90210" cast reunites at a 30th anniversary fan convention in Las Vegas, causing … Tori drunkenly breaks into an exhibit holding her famous "90210" red prom dress, steals it, and puts it back on.

Ian has a seemingly perfect young wife and a new book. After the panel, for which Shannen makes a slightly unwelcome appearance via livestream, the gang gathers at the hotel bar for a round of drinks, and the antics begin. Read … Photo Credits: Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW, Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden Presidential Debates: Everything to Know, Joe Biden's Town Hall Beats Donald Trump's in Early Ratings, What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on October 16. Tori gets drunk enough to steal the red Donna Martin gown that’s on display at the convention, claiming, “THAT’S MY DRESS,” before being spirited away on BAG’s wife’s private jet with the entire gang. The conceit of the new series is that the original cast of the beloved high- school drama reunites 30 years later at a fan convention and then decides to mount a revival of the series to make money and help their careers. Meanwhile, Jennie G shows up to Tori’s romper room to apologize for throwing her best friend under the bus while the insults were flying on the plane. Surprise! Despite all the layers of fact, fiction and hammy performances, "BH" is no disaster. BH90210: L-R: Jason Priestley and Brian Austin Green in the BH90210 "Reunion" series premiere episode airing Wednesday, Aug. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. If you try to figure out how this all corresponds to the actors' real lives, you'd drive yourself crazy. It might be worth sticking with the series, if only to see more of Doherty, whose real-world relationship to the original show is the juiciest. They all pile into Brian's private jet to head back to L.A., but the cops are waiting when they hit the tarmac after their theft of the dress. Last but not least, Jennie Garth’s Jennie Garth is a woman privately going through her third divorce and embarrassed to share the news. All rights reserved. Keep up with all the drama of your favorite shows! The 100 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now, Ice Cube in Hot Water After Revealing He’s Working With the Trump Administration, “He has actually hurt us way more than Donald Trump,” he says of Biden in a new, Kevin Morby’s Ode to the Midwest Rewards Patience. I wanted something that would draw hearing people into our world.”. This time, though, the nighttime soap about the inner workings of a wealthy and white group of high-school turned college students is a bit different in both style and tone. On said private plane, Tori delivers a Champagne toast, clad in the dress, that ends with a small, silent, head-bowed moment for our beloved Luke Perry (“Dylan McKay”), whom we tragically lost earlier this year. Is just Brian sufficient?) And hey, what else are you going to watch in August, anyway? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, By submitting your email, you agree to our, Cardi B Really Didn’t Mean to Post That Nude, Timothée Chalamet Woke Up ‘Embarrassed’ by Those Lily-Rose Depp Make-Out Pics, Run the Jewels Can Tell You the Exact Moment 2020 Went to Crap, Now allow Killer Mike and El-P to make it right, performing, Michael B. Jordan Ready to Electrify You With a. The pilot is messy and takes a long time to get going, but there's a hint of some decent soapy drama to come.

They're mostly playing a random assortment of has-beens trying to reclaim former glory. Brian is a stay-at-home dad, only slightly jealous of his wife's fame and success. Because it's never too early to plan Thursday night... two months from now. Is "BH" ever going to reach the heights of the original series? Hate it? • Expecting Barenaked Ladies jokes in the coming weeks.

Instead, we get to watch the cast disperse and cut loose–commiserate over the perils of being crazy famous in your 20s. Even when the new Netflix high-school show stumbles, strong performances from its cast of newcomers help keep it steady.

Tatiana Maslany Says She Is Not Playing She-Hulk, Tatiana Maslany said “it’s not actually a thing, unfortunately.”, Jerry Harris Allegedly Victimized ‘at Least 5 to 10 Children’. Let’s not call this a Beverly Hills, 90210 revival because, Hi, there was already one of those that aired for — count ’em — FIVE seasons on the CW, from 2008-2013, and was aptly titled (just) 90210, with new characters named things like “Silver” (Kelly Taylor’s half-sister, but really it didn’t matter because we went hard for AnnaLynne McCord). Ian's wife accidentally video chats with him while she's cheating on him. HIGH JINKS! When the topic is finally broached, Shannen is piped in talking about wild cats, looking like she’s going to a Halloween party as the city of Taos. They meet up with Brian, Ian, Gabrielle and Jason in Vegas. Jennie almost sleeps with a hog farmer,  but turns him down when he calls her "Kelly," and she sleeps with Jason instead. (Questions we would ask: Did you, too, think U4EA was a real drug? The actor’s company Outlier Society will produce a film based on the DC superhero. — not about prison but about her gay encounter; Jason has to face his indiscretion and his wife’s pregnancy; and Ian starts living a lie.

How this will come together is left for next week's episode. A judge has now decided that Harris will remain in jail until trial. (Which Damian, a person who lived in L.A. for six months and rode the bus, can attest that no SAG president has ever done.) Jason Priestley plays the seemingly least-like-himself character, a fledgling director stuck in the world of mediocre TV (hat tip to the costume designer who saw this in the script and gave Priestley a cream-colored “director scarf” for gravitas), whose latest on-set incident lands him on TMZ. Tori decides she needs to revive Beverly Hills, 90210 to keep the goddamn lights on. Beverly Hills, 90210 is back, sorta, but this time it’s simply BH90210. Already a subscriber? Plus, everything you need to know about Season 3, 'I needed people that would listen to me, do what I say,' the evicted houseguest said, Including how to watch previous debates and town halls, NBC was met with criticism from celebrities for scheduling Trump's town hall opposite Biden's. What We Just Learned About Bobby Shmurda’s Parole Hearing.

(BH90210 had been announced prior to his death, but Perry had yet to sign on.) The audience is charmed by Shannen and her animal advocacy while the cast collectively rolls their eyes. Ethan Hawke’s Biggest Influences Were Denzel Washington and, “I didn’t want to make a PSA. Jason's trying to make it as a serious director with the help of his publicist and wife (Vanessa Lachey). This Shannen Doherty rescues tigers; this Jason Priestley cheats on his wife; and this Ian Ziering owns a workout empire. Lover?

This Tori Spelling apparently has no money (and rents a house). The "Beverly Hills, 90210" cast reunites 19 years later in order to get a reboot up and running. Tori Spelling is a reality-TV whore with six children whose latest docuseries “Tori & Nate: Spelling the Beans” is canceled because “there’s no more sTori.” How dare they?

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