From the creator of indie horror hit Home comes Alone With You — a bittersweet sci-fi adventure game that goes right for the heart. This is an intelligent adventure novel. Alone With You is a sci-fi game for people who love adventure, exploring and maybe even a little romance. Alone With You bears some heavy thematic overlap with recent games like SOMA, Everyone’s Gone to Rapture, and other story-centric releases that focus on the nature of what makes you human, the importance of relationships and contact, and mortality. The graphics are stunning in their originality and atmosphere and the music and SFX are atmospheric and haunting lending perfectly to the overall feel of the game. Although light on actual gameplay, Alone With You is an interesting and worthwhile third-person exploration game overall.

But as to whether I see myself playing again, unearthing the secrets and getting to know its cast of characters from another angle – there, I’m not so sure.

A cross between a visual novel and classic adventure game, Alone with You offers a strong and poignant narrative of love, tragedy, and relationships.

If you're looking for a melancholy sci-fi tale, Alone With You delivers on that expectation quite well. On the other hand, success comes in abundance with the game’s setting, characters, and story. You'll spend more of your time walking than solving anything, and the few puzzles that are available present very little challenge. You're the last survivor of a doomed space colony, trying to escape a planet before it implodes around you.
If you're taking it as a traditional adventure game, then you'll be left wanting more. 5.0 . This gets really samey otherwise. -

You play the sole remaining member of a doomed terraforming colony. Alone With You is a sci-fi game for people who love adventure, exploring and maybe even a little romance.
— Destructoid, 8/10 – “... Impactful scenes that shine thanks to a stellar script.” Your planet will crumble and implode in less than a month, and you must use your remaining time to try to escape.

Newest Games Next addition in 00:00. Alone With You is recommended for that latter group, but anyone who's looking for an adventure game that's a bit out of the ordinary should also check it out. Even worse, the only people who specialized in its systems are all dead from the colony’s mysterious failure. This title’s compelling writing is let down by its monotonous gameplay, and I’m just not willing to endure one to enjoy the other. A game that warrants repeated playthroughs to see both endings and experience other relationship choices. This doesn't add up to anything truly substantial content wise.I recommend picking a favorite character to focus on and stick with them for your first run and go from there. Escape a doomed space colony with the help of your troubled AI companion and four chatty holograms in this unique blend of adventure & visual novel storytelling. Mixed or average reviews The degree to which you like Alone with You will depend largely upon how much emphasis you put on story versus gameplay.

Alone With You is a sci-fi game for people who love adventure, exploring and maybe even a little romance. It’s different enough to feel new despite its retro roots, delivering impactful scenes that shine thanks to a stellar script that brings its few, but emotionally charged, characters to life.

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