Happy #AdaLovelaceDay -digital pioneering daughter of Ealing celebrated worldwide https://t.co/HdHLMAsmUx, RT @JevsTV: Decided to vote for my current and local MP (@RupaHuq) because I read their voting record, met them (they took the time to talk to me twice) and looked at it from a local level and made decision. Lone abortions are as 'inhumane' as lone births, MPs warn, Annual MPs vs journalists Parliamentary pancake race cancelled over Brexit, Who is the 'Boy in the Red Cap'? The ethnic minorities moving to the suburbs follow in Hugenot and Jewish footsteps, Rupa Huq: Dunking biscuits with the electorate is all well and good, but any future Labour leader needs some serious policies too, Available for everyone, funded by readers, Only weeks ago no one would have anticipated the Tories finding the magic money tree, The prime minister should have reached out earlier to the opposition, The process has divided the country and amplified discontent, but malicious abuse won’t solve anything, says Labour MP Rupa Huq, There are 98 days to go until Brexit, yet parliament is engaged in a frenzy of mud-slinging, says Rupa Huq, Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton, His calculated remarks about burqas fuel the flames at a dangerous time for ethnic minorities, Theresa May has a record of barring entry to extremists. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thanks!

Rupa Huq 26 Oct 2018, 7:11pm 'Mummy, don't kill me': Behind the abortion buffer zone in Ealing By Radhika Sanghani 11 Apr 2018, 6:00pm. @DCMS; @hmtreasury; @ace_national https://t.co/ItjXxMjld0, Very pleased to be at grand opening and blessing by @bishopSarahM and Rev David Brammar of @AdaLovelaceSch first state high in central Ealing in my lifetime and latest member of @TwyfordCofE trust

London goes into tier 2 from midnight but not sure this tinkering is really enough. Of course I was wearing red today to #ShowRacismTheRedCard when I popped to @Tesco Ealing Broadway where I met manager Steve &!staff to hear about their charitable work and how supermarket life has changed during #COVID19 https://t.co/4hFwdm643Q, London has been promoted to tier 2 of coronavirus alert level with Ealing topping the chart of boroughs but the situation is fluid.

RT @laurafleur: 4,000 Ealing residents signed a local petition asking the council to take action to prevent anti-abortion vigils directly outside clinic, @RupaHuq says. Man detained at Soubry 'Nazi' protest is Russian-born orphan and former Corbyn supporter, Lord Hain was right to use of Parliamentary privilege – our laws are failing modern society, 'Mummy, don't kill me': Behind the abortion buffer zone in Ealing, Protesters could be banned from a London abortion clinic, in a historic council vote, MP reveals member of staff reported sexual assault allegation to authorities - but they did nothing, Amber Rudd urged by 113 MPs to ban protests outside abortion clinics, Anti-abortion protesters could be banned from demonstrating outside clinics as Labour MPs pledge to use landmark Ealing decision, Anti-abortion protests in Britain are more aggressive than ever, #UnseatBoris: Momentum sets up training camps to get rid of the Foreign Secretary, Labour fights for both soft and hard Brexit. This may be an incomplete list. This throwback deserves to be scrapped, The UK was already short of curry chefs.

Rupa Huq MP tweeted : Repeated u-turns Incoherent babbling interviews Why was it the OFQUAL chief went when cheif culprit of schools failure happily still behind his … But all we MPs are offering is an unedifying circus, Boris Johnson is leveraging hatred and racism in his desire for power. RT @laurafleur: MP @RupaHuq says 6 police attending an anti-abortion vigil in Ealing on a Sat said they'd rather be stopping shoplifting on High St or doing weapons sweeps. Citizen Cringe, more like. Telling the public to take vitamin D would save lives. Partners of women having abortions have been asked to wait in the car while they undergo the 'harrowing' procedure. Wednesday October 07 2020, 12.01am, The Times. A s the nights draw in, … Rupa Huq MP Deleted 2 days ago after less than a minute, tweeted using Twitter for iPhone. Now the Brexit vote has made it worse, I’m carrying on as normal – it’s what Jo Cox would have wanted, As an MP and a mother I’ve found out how sexist Westminster is, This hunt for illegal immigrants is revolting, Flight of the minorities: London's soul is in the suburbs, In Ealing, the sound of the suburbs shedding their leafy reputation, Why a ceremonial figurehead can mean progress. View Rupa Huq’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. All rights reserved. Is George Osborne over his Brexit defeat?

We MPs do our best – I can sympathise with Tulip Siddiq’s lapse of judgment, We MPs must act quickly on sexual abuse or bring politics into disrepute, There may finally be a way to stop abuse by anti-abortion protesters, Citizen Khan? Rupa Huq Husband and Family. Published: 13 Aug 2011 . Take a wild guess... Labour facing questions over election expenses. If you think we're missing someone, please send us their Name, Country/State, Political Party, Office they hold or are seeking and, of course, Twitter handle.

Rupa Huq was born on April 2, 1972, in London, England to father Muhammad Huq and mother Rowshan Ara Huq.
Rupa has 3 jobs listed on their profile. Why does Rafał Ziemkiewicz’s imported brand of hate not qualify, asks the MP Rupa Huq, I have asked questions in parliament about Bangladeshi human rights, but local MPs can’t be expected to resolve complex issues on the hoof, says Labour MP Rupa Huq, A cameo role from Sadiq Khan and a fleeting reference to Instagram fail to drag this sitcom out of the 1970s.


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Ealing Central and Acton's Labour MP since 2015. In line with SAGE

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