We had high hopes for her.

No, I don’t agree, because I really don’t understand what you don’t understand in that statement. Double standards showing? Hence the stupid Jaime/Sand Snakes fight, the abbreviated scenes, the lack of any other real Dorne locations (other than TOJ which happens in the past). He confirmed my suspicions that plans for Dorne got changed during the production. Plus Game of Thrones is by far the best show in the history of television in terms of production values. So if we use your argument, seeing that Sophie Turner has accomplished something you haven’t she must “know what’s best”. I was simply going through a little thought experiment : if one can see Sansa as utterly ineffective in defeating Ramsay then, using pretty much the same logic and arguments, one can see Jon as equally superfluous. Meanwhile, the Sandsnakes are just right: they are overconfident and narrowminded, they quarrel between themselves etc.

And the final straw was the encounter with book purists on westeros.org. Why would they do that though.

Also laughed upthread at “I know a lot of feminists.”, http://67.media.tumblr.com/898fb5546285378c74f3adb31b9bcbb4/tumblr_n6vztzAsjT1qgf1i8o1_250.gif.

I still think it’s great, but it is more flawed than ever. Yeah, I am quite knowledgable when it comes to writing, thank you.

However this particular thing of the tiny dagger… If there was one thing that the floppy Dornish plot established quite well is that the particular Sand Snake who used the dagger against Aero Hotah is very well versed in poisons… So yeah, the dagger could have been tiny but infused with a powerful venom in fantasy land, it could disabled a mammoth. I think one of the problems is that they have a very small writing staff compared to other shows. Always seemed very Game of Thrones to me.

On bingewatches now I enjoy Dorne and my only complain is that we don’t spend enough time with Doran Martell. I would have enjoyed seeing Doran lock up all the sand snakes and us not having to see any more of them. For instance, how much of Sansa’s storyline got changed as a reaction to season 5?

I met him and sat with him for a few beers at Paige’s bar in London (Trek pub) years ago (99 I think). Obara could be important in Oldtown in the show but I have trouble seeing Nym’s and Tyene’s roles because the Small Council and the High Sparrow are already gone.
….how does Sansa randomly appearing at the end of the season to kill a man *already tied to a chair in a prison cell*…count as her “defeating” him? Well, the Season 5 Blu-ray mentions some of this: Originally they never intended to actually go to Dorne at all, because it doesn’t have any previous characters familiar to the audience (back in Season 1, that is, before Ellaria was cast). And it was not because I loved the Dorne storyline in the books, I mean I preferred it to the Iron Borne storylines that sidelined my favorite characters for an entire book, but I didn’t really love Dorne. If I had to guess, it probably involved Cersei killing Trystane and Doran openly siding with Dany as a result. In the books it is not so; everything goes into Doran’s calculations, whether you agree with his long-term plans or not. I just gave examples of some popular shows airing right now, but I’m sure that if I go and google other shows, they’ll have a larger writing staff. Join your local chapter of support group for the Butthurt. Au contraire. And you also have powerful men AND women that do represent a good hero, that are not evil… Jon.. Dany…. And it’s TOTALLY TRUE”?

Maybe show-Sam will meet her… Oh, an opportunity for a “love triangle”!

It interesting that Dorne was injected back into the plot at the end of season 6 , it runs … low ebb… to the end of season 8?

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