So far, the Trump administration has not released any decision on the proposal. On the government side, census data informs how congressional districts are redrawn and determines where government funds go. The 2020 Census will ask a series of questions about you and each person who lives with you. In the meantime, the bureau is under pressure to finalize how it will ask about race and ethnicity in 2020. • Determining census content is an extensive undertaking, involving research and stakeholder … "It's really a double-edged sword," said Helen Samhan, a co-founder of the Arab American Institute who began campaigning for a separate MENA category in the early 1990s, in an interview before the Census Bureau's announcement on Friday. “Inconsistency between self-reported [federal] survey information and reporting on administrative records results in discrepancies between major sources of information for the [nation], which could be made worse by changing the standards,” wrote the advisers serving on the Federal Interagency Working Group for Research on Race and Ethnicity. The U.S. Census Bureau says more research is needed before a separate category for people with roots in the Middle East or North Africa can be added to census forms. Power and money: Why the census is important While the wait continues for an official announcement of OMB’s decision on the proposals, the Census Bureau is expected to release its report to Congress on the final wording of the 2020 census questions — including those about race and ethnicity — by the end of March. It combined the two census questions about race and Hispanic origin required by the current federal standards into one question, with “Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish” as an option for both race and ethnicity. There's been a decades-long push for the U.S. Census Bureau to collect more detailed data on people with roots in the Middle East or North Africa, also known as MENA. That distinction has been under consideration by the White House's Office of Management and Budget, which sets the standards for how the bureau and other federal agencies collect race and ethnicity data. Here’s What You Need To Know, Voters Have 2 Very Different Choices For Texas’ Next Oil And Gas Regulator, In Long-Shot Bid, Democrats Hope Sima Ladjevardian Can Unseat Dan Crenshaw, Fort Bend County To Extend Early Voting Hours This Week In Response To Technical Problems, Court Order Keeps Census In Limbo As Counting End Date Looms, With No Final Say, Trump Wants To Change Who Counts For Dividing Up Congress' Seats, Trump Orders Agencies To Share Data On Noncitizens, Trump Administration To Print 2020 Census Without Citizenship Question. Update on the U.S. Census Bureau's Race and Ethnic Research for the 2020 Census by Nicholas A. Jones, Director of Race and Ethnic Research and Outreach The Census Bureau’s mid-decade research on race and ethnicity builds upon previous research which explored how Americans identify their race and ethnicity as our society continues to grow more diverse and more complex. “Anything can happen,” he said. A Census Bureau announcement about the race and ethnicity questions for the 2020 census suggests the Trump administration will not support Obama-era proposals to change how the U.S. government collects information about race and ethnicity, census experts say. How COVID-19 could impact the 2020 Census Fill out the form below to subscribe our new daily editorial newsletter from the HPM Newsroom. A report on the final wording of the 2020 questions is due to Congress by the end of March, and preparations for an upcoming practice run of the 2020 census this year in Rhode Island's Providence County are well underway.

And among the suggested answers are examples of two of the largest Middle Eastern and North African nationality groups in the U.S. — "Lebanese" and "Egyptian. How COVID-19 could impact the 2020 Census, Census 2020 may count everyone in the right place but we won’t see it in the reported results, As the U.S. population grows increasingly diverse, census race categories are struggling to keep up, Census data: Indispensable intelligence for the nation, Power and money: Why the census is important.

Alarmingly, even if data collection in this Census is complete and perfect, the data released will be far from accurate due to the implementation of a new approach to data privacy named by the Census Bureau as “Differential Privacy Disclosure Avoidance System” (DP). News 2020 Census To Keep Racial, Ethnic Categories Used In 2010. Last year, an advisory group of experts from various federal agencies released a report that pointed to concerns about how the proposed changes to the federal standards could affect state governments, schools and hospitals that may or may not use the standards for their own record keeping. To prepare for potential policy changes on race and ethnicity data, that questionnaire, as submitted to OMB last year for approval, originally followed the Obama-era proposals. At the bureau’s public meeting on 2020 census preparations, the chief of the bureau’s population division, Karen Battle, said that a new category for people with roots in the Middle East or North Africa, or MENA, will not be added to the 2020 questionnaire because more research is needed. Many advocates for a MENA category are disappointed by the Census Bureau's decision. Ken Prewitt, a former Census Bureau director who served under the Clinton administration, says he acknowledges that nobody wants to change any form if it can be avoided. Battle cited public comments the bureau has received saying that MENA should be treated not as an option for race but for ethnicity, which she says the bureau has not specifically tested so far. Get highlights, trending news and behind-the-scenes insights from Houston Public Media delivered to your inbox each week. Berry says advocates will turn to Congress for support in overturning the bureau's decision. In a written statement, the executive director of the Arab American Institute, Maya Berry, called the announcement a "severe blow" to efforts to get a better count of people with roots in the Middle East or North Africa. It will also continue asking about those topics as two questions, despite its own research showing that changes could encourage more census participants to provide race and ethnicity data. Here are some guidelines for responding: Your answer to this question should be based on how you identify. 2020 Census To Keep Racial, Ethnic Categories Used In 2010 "The inclusion of a MENA category helps MENA respondents to more accurately report their MENA identities," the researchers wrote.

If the Trump administration does not move the proposal forward, Prewitt expects it to be reintroduced for approval under a different presidential administration. Any changes would carry wide implications for legislative redistricting, civil rights laws and health statistics. Census 2020 may count everyone in the right place but … They detail the bureau’s request to change the questionnaire set to be used in an upcoming practice run of the 2020 census — known as the End-to-End Census Test — taking place this year in Rhode Island’s Providence County. If that is indeed the case, Thompson said lawmakers on Capitol Hill could step in later to proceed with the proposed changes before the 2020 census. But what the projections didn’t forecast is that the populations of each race would also become significantly more diverse by becoming more multi-racial and multi-ethnic. Prewitt says the proposal to ask about race and ethnicity in a combined question is a “really innovative” way to address the challenge of “some other race” ranking as the third-largest racial group reported in census results from 2000 and 2010. Changing Census Race/Ethnicity Categories (1960-2020) General Census Information.

Related: What Census Calls Us: Explore the different race, ethnicity and origin categories used in the U.S. decennial census, from the first one in 1790 to the latest count in 2020. This study is based on Pew Research Center analysis of decennial census questionnaires dating back to 1790. Here are the new 2020 Census questions on ethnicity and race: Compare this with 2010: There is one reason neither version is ideal, and it has nothing to do with open-end boxes. Research by the Census Bureau shows these revisions could improve the accuracy of the upcoming national headcount in 2020. Still, on Friday, the Census Bureau’s head of the 2020 census, Albert Fontenot, announced the upcoming national headcount will keep the same racial and ethnic categories used for the 2010 census.

Right now, those standards require ethnicity to be asked on federal surveys only in terms of "Hispanic or Latino" and "Not Hispanic or Latino.". Thompson, the former Census Bureau director, considers the request a sign that the bureau has gotten word that OMB will not change the federal standards on race and ethnicity data. The U.S. Census Bureau may—and does—collect and publish more detailed data, as long as it can aggregate the results to fit the official categories.

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